One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


16. Is it a lie?


Emma’s POV

I looked down at my wrist that familiar feeling of blood oozing its way through my skin that I hadn’t felt in years returned as I placed the blade along my wrist and sliced repeatedly. I watched as the blood dripped off the end of my fingertip onto the towel I had placed underneath me.

You know I said I was starting a new life I guess I lied I’d turned back to the old me…but worse. I cut every night, Liam doesn’t know, I cry myself to sleep, Liam doesn’t know and I don’t take my tablets , Liam doesn’t need to know.

It’s been two weeks since I left Harry and not once has he left my mind, I miss him. The thing is I know I’m going to have to see Harry again someday I mean I’m carrying his chid and I can’t hide them away from him forever.

My mind wandered back to my wrist which had now stopped bleeding so I decided to shower. I grabbed the towel from beneath me chucking it into the wash basket once in the bathroom.


Once I was showered and fresh I decided to just call it a night as I wasn’t feeling to great anyway. So I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over my head hoping sleep would soon take over.

Emma’s Dream’

I looked around at the room I was in, it appeared to be a hospital room its plain white walls, a few chairs scattered about and of course the all-important heart monitor.

I could feel the heart monitor beside me pick up as I panicked as to why I was in hospital when I felt a strong hard take mine in theirs and rub soothing circles with their thumb. I looked up to meet those emerald green eyes and perfect mop of curly hair I’ve been trying to forget why is he here?

“H-harry what are you doing here? Why am I in hospital?” I stuttered my throat feeling dry.

“You feel down the stairs babe I found you on the floor when I came home and I rushed you straight to hospital” I’m so confused I thought I lived with Liam and did he just call me babe I thought we weren’t together any more.

“B-but I’m were I live with” I said probably sounding stupid and making no sense.

“Why didn’t you tell me Em?” Harry asked looking down sadly.

“Tell you what?” I asked confused.

“You were pregnant” he looked up at me eyes full of pity and upset why is he sad about this? Wait. Did he say were?

“What do you mean were Harry I am” I asked but his filled with tears and as if on cue I screamed out in pain as a sharp shooting pain travelled through my abdomen.

“You had a miscarriage Em” He cried.


I screamed sitting up in my bed grabbing my belly tears rolling fast down my face. I had never had a dream like that before and the pain it felt so real.

“Emma! Are you okay?” Liam shouted walking into my room, he came up to me and engulfed me into a hug until he pulled away fast.

“What’s up Li?” I asked as he pulled his hand up.

“Emma why is your bed covered in blood?” He asked panic written across his whole face. I looked down and screamed no it can’t be please don’t let my dream be true.

“Liam the baby, I think- I think I’ve had a miscarriage” I stuttered part way through the tears streaming down my face again.

“Come on we’ll get you to the hospital” He suggested, I nodded at him before knowing I should do one thing first.

“I’ll be out in a minute Li just let me do something” he nodded before walking out.

I picked up my phone of my bed side table until I found the number I needed.

“Hello?...Emma?” They asked.

“Hello Harry I just phoned to say I’m sorry” I trembled feeling the tears sting my eyes again.

“You’re sorry what for? You don’t need to be sorry I’m sorry” He replied his voice sounding clearly confused.

“I’m sorry I lost our baby Harry”

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