One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


14. I'm sorry...


Emma’s POV

“Liam I can’t answer it I don’t want to talk to him I don’t even want to see him” I sobbed.

“It’s okay Em you don’t have to” He said rubbing my back.

“Liam he isn’t going to give up” And as if right on cue the banging started.

I let out a big sigh before deciding it was best to get it over with. I pulled the door open with as little energy as possible to reveal a very drained looking Harry. His face was red and puffy pretty much identical to mine and his body looked weak. It hurt me to see him like this but the thing I knew I couldn’t try make him feel better because that would mean me giving in.

“Why didn’t you just use your key?” I whispered.

“I didn’t think of that but Emma please can you just give me a couple of minutes to explain” Harry begged.

“What’s there to explain Harry you fucked my best friend in my bed and got her knocked up its simple really “I shrugged.

“Come on Emma please I love you not her” He tried.

I just scoffed at him before replying “If you truly loved me we wouldn’t be in this situation I’ve been fooling myself all along here I was thinking you were my band aid my healer but no you were there just to be ripped right off and hurt me more than anyone ever could I love you for god sake Harry” I screamed.

“I love you too Emma” He shouted back tears forming on the brim of his eye.

“No you don’t Harry stop fooling yourself, anyway you won’t have to put up with me anymore I’m moving out” I Shouted back.

“Where are you going to go Emma? You need to stay safe” He sighed.

“Like you care” I huffed then another voice filled the room. “She can live with me and Darcy and Rylee can live with you, Harry Darcy she’s your responsibility now” Liam added.

I looked at him my eyes widening he knew if he took me in he was taking another baby that wasn’t his in as well “Are you sure?”

“Positive Em” He smiled.

“Thank you Li” I smiled “I’m going to pack now” I spat at Harry knocking him as I walked past.

“Emma please” Harry begged.

“No Harry this is it it’s over” I cried running upstairs to pack.


Once I was packed I made my way downstairs it had taking me longer than I thought because I had decided to leave Harry a little something.

“Liam I’m ready” I sighed pulling my suitcase down the stairs.

“Here let me get that” Harry offered.

“No I’m capable thanks” I looked at him hurt gleaming in his eyes I couldn’t believe this is the way I was going to remember him.

“Well I guess this is bye then Harry” I whispered.

“Yeah I guess so” He sniffed “Just remember I’ll always love you”

“I’ll always love you too Harry but this it wasn’t meant to be” I gestured between us “Bye Harry”

And with that said I made my way outside to meet Liam at the car to start my new life.

Harry’s POV

I felt like such an idiot, why hadn’t I told her when it happened? Or even better not let it happen. I feel like someone had come and ripped my heart right out and I just knew it was unfixable I needed her.

I stood watching the door she had exited just 5 minutes ago before deciding to go have a lie down.  As I entered the room I could see something on the bed and it had my name on it looked like a letter.

I made my way over to the bed to pick it up. I picked up gently knowing it was off Emma it was killing me knowing what might be inside so I opened it slowly an began to read:

Dear Harry…

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