One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


17. I need to leave...NOW!


Harry’s POV

I lay on my bed curled up in a ball the same position that I had been in for the majority of the last 2 weeks. Not once did I think about myself and how I was feeling it was always her and if she was okay.

“Harry” Rylee’s voice echoed through the door.

“What” I snapped not in the mood.

“You need to come out and eat Harry you haven’t eaten in days, you need to forget about her” She answered through the door.

“I don’t want to forget Rylee go away” I sneered turning around using as much energy as possible for such a simple task.

As I turned I rolled off the deciding to examine myself in the mirror and what I saw well it was like some stranger was staring back. My curls were no longer curls the were flat, my skin was clinging to my bones as I was thinning from the lack of food and my skin pale and lifeless.

Suddenly, I flinched as my phone vibrated roughly against my bed side table where the letter from Emma lay which I read every night before going to sleep.

I quickly glanced at the caller I.D gasping at the name surly this is a joke.

“Hello?..Emma?” I asked through the phone waiting for a response.

“Hello Harry I just phoned to say I’m sorry” Sorry? What does she have to be sorry for? Her voice sounded weak and defeated.

“You’re sorry what for? You don’t need to be sorry I’m sorry” I replied confusion taking over my tone.

“I’m sorry I lost our baby Harry” and with that said she hung up.

I froze in place did she just say OUR baby? She was pregnant? I put her through all of this and she was pregnant I’m such a dick. I can’t believe she was carrying my child and it was gone.

I felt my body suddenly become weak as I collapsed to the floor hugging my knees tight to my chest as the tears streamed down my face. Soon I began to feel more and more weak and dizzy and that was when darkness took over…

Emma’s POV

Me and Liam had arrived at the hospital hoping Harry hadn’t followed me to the hospital the last thing I need right now is drama. Although it would show he cared for me and the baby he didn’t know about.

“Miss Williams this way please” A nurse called guiding me to the scan room.

“Dr.Marvin will see you now” She smiled at me I nodded and walked in, pulling Liam in tow I needed him there.

“Please lay down Emma while I check you over you know what to do from last week top up a bit and same with the pants” The doctor said setting up his equipment.

“What are you going to do?” I trembled.

“I’m going to do a scan to confirm a miscarriage or not then we will take it from there” He nodded “Now remember this will be cold” I bit my lip as I waited for the eerie silence that would come from the monitor.

When suddenly the careful steady noise of a baby’s heartbeat filled the room causing tears to stroll down my face in shock and happiness. I looked at Liam and smiled grabbing his hand.

“Emma your baby is fine you just had a little scare is all but that means we will have to keep you closely monitored for the remaining of your pregnancy, you free to go” The doctor said handing me a wipe before exiting the room.

Once I was ready and clean me and Liam began to make our way out of the hospital back to his car but I stopped him.

“Liam when we get back to yours I’m going to pack my stuff and I’m going to leave I can’t stay here” I said taking his hand in mine playing with his fingers.

“Why not Emma?” Liam questioned.

“Harry he thinks I’ve lost the baby and maybe it’s best if it stays that way I need to move on from him and move on with my life for the sake of my child” I cried as he pulled me into his chest.

“It’s okay Emma I support everything you do you know that” He whispered into my hair.

I pulled away gently and smiled up at him. Quickly I stood on my tiptoes and placed a gentle kiss on his lips “Thank you Liam”

“You’re welcome Emma” He smiled pulling me in for a side hug but as we made our way to the car again something caught my eye.

A mop of curls lay upon a pillow but they looked flatter than usual and the persons skin tight to the bone and pale and eyes shut, it can’t be can it.

It’s Harry, what’s happened? I need to get away from here like NOW! 

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