One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


10. Darcy, me and our little secret!


Emma’s POV

“Emma darling the hospital phoned” Anne called up the stairs I made my way down. I literally had to drag myself down as I hadn’t been feeling great recently and I had practically no energy.

“What did they want?” I moaned I really couldn’t be bothered my stress levels were high as I had to take the toll of most of Rylee’s pregnancy hormones because I didn’t want her taking it out on Liam and now she’s pretty much ready to pop she’s got worse.

“They said to remind you of your appointment which I still think you should tell Harry about you know he’s a worrier and that your friend Rylee is in labour so you can go and wait if you want” Anne explained smiling weakly at me.

“First, thanks. Second, im not telling Harry there might not be anything to worry about and third, will you take me through please” I fluttered my eyelashes at the latter.

“Fine you will tell him once you know though right? And okay but go and get Harry we should take him too” Anne replied.

“Of course I will I wouldn’t keep something like that from him and okay I will thanks” I said giving her a hug before going upstairs to get Harry.


After I finally got Harry out of bed we made our way to the hospital to see Rylee and Liam, I was so happy for them they were going to be a little family Liam had definitely been happy with the news and took it all very serious he even got a job to get some money and his parents got them a flat so they could live together it was perfect.

I was kind of jealous of their relationship I mean mine and Harry’s was amazing but I couldn’t help but feel that he’s hiding something from me he gets all jumpy sometimes and whenever we are around Rylee and Liam he goes all quiet and touchy. It’s starting to worry me but whenever he asks he just says ‘im fine babe don’t worry about me’ then smiles it’s so annoying.


Once we had arrived Rylee had already given birth to a baby girl. I elbowed Harry in the stomach “See if you got your lazy butt out of bed we would have been here on time”

“Sorry Emz” Harry replied putting his arms around my waist and his head in the crook of my neck giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek I smiled it’s moments like this I loved.

“Wow Harry you’re such a sop” Rylee laughed with her baby girl in her arms.

“Just jealous” Harry replied sticking his tongue out but Rylee’s face dropped when he spoke. What’s up with her?

I decided to change the subject “So what you going to call her” I asked looking down at the cute little baby girl in her arms who had cute little brown ringlets for hair it was weird it looked like Harrys.

“Darcy, Darcy Mae Payne” Rylee spoke it was now my turn for my face to drop if there was one thing I knew it was that Harry wants to call his first baby girl Darcy and I was hoping I could provide that but now I can’t, I can’t have a child with the same name as my best friends child.

“That’s nice” I tried my best to smile at her and she smiled back I can’t believe this I don’t know why but I felt betrayal and then I felt all of a sudden ill again I knew I had to get home I needed Anne.

“Rylee im sorry im really not feeling well, im going to go back I will come see you again soon when im better” I said smiling weakly I needed to go my energy was just draining .

“Bye Darcy” I said pulling a pained expression while giving her a kiss on the head.

“Bye Liam” I pulled him into a hug “Congrats”

“Thanks Emma get well soon” Liam smiled.

“I’ll try” I whispered.

“You can stay if you want Harry” I suggested.

“No babe I want to look after you” He smiled pulling me into a hug “Bye guys love you” Me and Harry said walking out the door to get a taxi back.


“What’s up Emma? You’ve been really down lately and you’re worrying me I don’t like seeing you upset and then in there when Rylee told you the name your face just dropped is it because that’s what I wanted to call my first baby girl?” Harry asked when we had arrived back home and I was sat on my bed cuddled into him.

“Nothing im totally fine don’t be worried and no it’s okay I was just shocked is all I always imagined it being me holding our baby girl one day saying she was called Darcy Mae Styles but im happy for them” I smiled at him.

“Emma your wearing wristbands again I didn’t want to bring it up but your making me please tell me you’re not” He mumbled.

“Im not Harry okay” I said getting up off the bed and making my way to the door I needed a walk.

“Babe please I didn’t…” I cut him off I wasn’t in the mood I just walked away.

“Anne im going out for a walk” I called.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea you know?” She said raising her eyebrows suggestively I knew what she meant but I didn’t care I needed fresh air.

“I’ll be fine” I said pulling my cut on and slipping into my shoes.

“Emma you’re not proving your point you’re okay” Harry said showing up at the bottom of the stairs.

“I don’t really care Harry” I said opening the door and making my way to get some fresh air.

I knew I was going to think too much on this walk and most likely it will be about Harry and Rylee. For some reason im always thinking of them two like what’s up with harry? And I mean he expects me to tell him what’s up when he won’t even tell me what he’s thinking. And then there’s Rylee I can’t really describe she just seems so uneasy around me it’s like there both hiding something and it’s getting to me..bad.

I settled for a bench in the park and just sat there looking around I didn’t know what to do anymore my life is a mess and is really confusing. Is it bad I feel lost in my own life?

Rylee’s POV

Once Harry and Emma had left, I sent Liam to the registry office to name Darcy. So it was just me and my baby girl in the room she was beautiful but you couldn’t deny she had some of Harry’s features proving to me it is he’s again I was lucky and he didn’t realise although Emma seemed to get suspicious especially when I told her she was called Darcy, I had done that because I knew that’s what Harry wants to call his first baby girl and technically here she was.

Emma seemed down a lot but she never told me why she didn’t really talk to me much anymore as I had, had a few nasty jabs at her while being pregnant and I don’t blame her for being pissed at me some of them were way beyond harsh. There was one thing I did say that I ultimately regret and Emma’s never been the same since I said it, im so pissed at myself for saying it the worst thing is it wasn’t even the hormones fault I had said it and meant it.

Liam had been an angel sent from the heavens through the whole duration of my pregnancy and my feelings for him grew stronger every day which made me happy but the feelings for Harry never seemed to decrease which made me feel the exact opposite.

I have been thinking for a while now that I should tell Emma the secret but I always stop myself for the same reason my wellbeing I can’t believe what one night of pleasure has done to me it’s turned my life into shambles and I have a feeling that right now im going to keep it as me, Darcy and our little secret.

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