One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


9. Clueless...let's keep it that way!


Rylee’s POV

“Rylee your starting to show you need to tell Liam” Emma sighed pointing at my small bump.

I sighed “I know but im scared”

“Why he’s not only your boyfriend but a best friend as well he will always be supportive and you know that Rylee you don’t need me you need Liam the father of your baby” Emma argued. I let out another large sigh if only she knew Liam wasn’t the guy who should be supportive it was none other than her boyfriend.

“I know Emma but that doesn’t stop me being scared I mean I have a life inside of me im meant to protect and love and at the moment I can’t do anything but hate it” I replied.

“Then talk to Liam about getting an abortion Rylee you can’t keep this to yourself I love you and I trust you and your my best friend but if I was in this situation I would have told Harry weeks ago because I would’ve known he has a right to know it’s his kid as well so please tell Liam” Emma pretty much begged. Why is she like this so nice? And why did she have to say the word trust she can’t trust me im too much of a coward to tell her that I slept with her boyfriend and im letting her love him likes he’s done nothing wrong for my own sake im so selfish.

“Fine I’ll tell him but will you be there I might need a hug afterwards” I made a deal with her.

“Yeah fine but Harrys coming I miss him” Emma sighed.

“For god sake Emma you live with the guy” I shouted.

“Im in love sue me” Emma replied.

“Fine he can come might as well kill two birds with one stone” I sighed I hope Harry doesn’t click on when I say let’s just keep our fingers crossed.


Me and Emma had gone back to her house as it turned out Liam was there hanging out with Harry. Emma was snuggled on the sofa with Harry his arm protectively; I couldn’t help but wish he would do that with me as jealously shot through me.

“So Rylee what is it you wanted to tell me?” Liam asked breaking the peaceful silence.

I shot Emma the help me look and she just replied with a you can do it look, I nodded and stood up.

“Liam please don’t freak out or be mad I only kept this from you because I was scared Emma kept telling me to tell you and talk to you about it but I was scared” I started to cry and Liam stood up to give me a hug and calm me down.

“What’s bothering you sweetheart?” Liam whispered into my hair.

“Liam…I’m. I’m pregnant” Shock overtook Harry and Liam’s face I looked up at Liam expectantly.

He just pulled me into another hug “it’s okay babe we will get through this I promise” He smiled at me

That went so much better than I thought Liam is perfect so why can’t I love him. I hate myself for that Liam is basically everything a girl could want but I can’t love him because I love Harry.

“Erm...Congrats I guess” Harry said scratching the back of his neck I knew he felt awkward. Oh god what if he knows. He can’t know.

“Thanks” Liam smiled.

Well at least now that’s two down only one to go please say he doesn’t know.

Harry got off his chair and went up to Liam and grabbed his cheeks “Aww little baby Liam’s going to have his own little baby” Harry spoke in a baby voice laughing.

“Hey it takes two to tango” Emma winked.

Oh don’t I know it oh god I wish I could tell her everything but im so selfish and im sorry Emma but it’s staying that way you and Liam thinking it’s his and Harry not knowing it’s his. Clueless…let’s keep it that way.

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