There was a murder down my street

I'm going to try something new here, so i'm going to attempt to tell a whole story through a series of poems for a contest!
I'm not an expert on writing poems and i am open for any ideas, i'm just asking for people to PLEASE hit the like button if you like it, i don't care for lazy people on the internet.

Remember, this is something new to me!


6. Heartbeat.

Keep my heart a steady pace?

‘’it will all be okay’’

My heart is broken.

Broken from watching her smile,

I’m fed up of silly little games.

Was this a game? 


Darkness moves like an action film in black and white.

Shadows whisper like they know it's bothering me.

My life is just a game


My heart beat is choking me in a deep sea of death.

I'm all alone and it's killing me more.

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