Christmas Reflections

Just some thoughts on Christmas...


1. Christmas Reflections

Christmas Reflection


Long winter days by the fire,

Gift wrapped presents under the tree.

Those same old Christmas songs and films,

Are what Christmas means to me.


Mr. Robin Red Breast,

Floating along the ditch.

With his beautiful breast of red,

His colours are gorgeousely rich.


Going to midnight mass,

Brings us joy and cheer.

Jesus, our saviour is born,

The true message of Christmas is clear.


Christmas smells of nostalgia,

Mince pies in the oven, baking.

Burning logs on an open fire,

Christmas pudding ready for takiing.


Glittering lights on a Christmas tree,

Glittering tinsel too.

A time for family, friends and love.

Years of tradition, laughter and everything new.


Christmas, a time of joy, but also sadness.

Think about the poor.

No homes, cold biting.

Those who have nothing anymore.


Those without a family.

No love or care.

Those who have lost a loved one,

I bet they're thinking it's unfair.


This is what Christmas means to me,

All this and more too.

All that's left to ask is,

What does Christmas mean to you?

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