A life in a day

Hi, im Tommy the cat and i am tottally average until one day something big struck me..... real big.... like gigantic big........so big well you get the idea its big


2. Garlic monster!

"Here you go Tommy your favorite, Garlic!" said Lucas as he handed me a bowl of well... I dont know what it was! I looked at Lucas curiously and then walked away he was so confused about me not eating my garlic that he acctually took me to the vets.. and thats where my big adventure started.

Driving to the vets was a real struggle for Lucas because i have to admit i am very arrogant about going to the vets but what cat isn`t?At the vets, after a series of hissing, scrathing and stopping because i kept escaping, we checked in and took a seat. There were all kinds of different animals there: Rabbits, Cats, Parrots, Frogs you name it they got it! So after about i guess 3 hours of waiting we finnallly went in the vet had a good look at me and oviously there was nothing wrong with me. When we walked out i gave Lucas my famous `Why did you spend £144 on something completely pointless` looks. As we crossed the road a sudden car came around a bend and hit Lucas!!! Lots of people came rishing out of the vet and all started it looked like texting on there phones. I was thinking to things now 1. Who on earth would text if someone gets hit by a car and 2. WHAT DO I DO NOW!!!!! i ran down a small lane and started sprinting as fast as lightning. I was lost and so began my journey to find a safe place to live... but it doesn`t end there because..... no im wrong again it ends there!

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