one girl finds something extraordinary but it soon smashes her heart to peices fantasy and horror emotional too.


1. step-mothers eh?

crystal blue eyes shone deeply as they slowly faded out , a crackle and a creak were a distance away but soon got closer before icy hands wrapped round the neck of a little girl she woke with a shock and a scream was the last anybody heard from the dark shady home which teared apart that night as the crystal heart cracked into tiny shards of ice and soon dissolved into the air...

"Lucy, sweetheart as you are only reading go collect some herbs with your brother" Mrs Crish said poshly

"step-brother" demanded Lucy

she was very annoyed scince her ugly step-mother inturupted her reading a book called Crystals she was really fascinated by it  and continued to read not obeying her stupid step-mothers orders

"Lucy please im about to lose my patience"Mrs Crish said elegently

"no and anyway you have no patience so just go ahead"

firey steam was bursting Mrs Crish's pale cheeks turned bright red with anger she looked as if she was about to lose it with Lucy but Lucy had no care she just carried on reading with the book infront of Mrs Crish's face so she didn't have to witness something so dreadful and hideous its uninmagineable but thats what lucy always thought of her a terrible, devilish step-mother. Just as things were about to kick off Lucys real father stepped in...

"whats going on in here?" he questioned

"dad do we have to live here i mean i hate it , i hate her-" Lucy complained with no time to finish as somebody else began somebody oh i dont know... HER HORRIBLE STEP-MOTHER!...

"oh brandon get her away from me i cannot stand one more minute with that little brat..." Shouted Mrs Crish

Jamie the nine year old, Lucys step-brother began to cry but as soon as he was notified he was not the brat his mother was going on about.. Lucy stompped upstairs with tears but tried to keep it together and to keep her tears away too but every moment one trickled she swept it away and sniffled heavily...


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