Lover's Revenge

this is the story of Sarah. she was just a normal 18 year old girl who had a perfect life. the best family, even better friends, and most importantly, the most amazing boyfriend. Jack. he was everything you could ask for in a boyfriend, that is until the night he let Sarah drive his car. this is the story of how Sarah was killed and how she got her LOVER'S REVENGE.....


5. Sorry.....

i was so glad that i had my friend back. now i just needed to explain to her what really happened to me that night. i had told her everything. the car, no brakes, jack laughing, and even how he could see me. she just stood there in complete shock. a few minutes later after she had gathered her thoughts, she got dressed and ran to the garage with a surprisingly calm look. i thought that she was just going to grab her dog leash and just go on a walk but i was way off. 

she instead grabbed the biggest wooden board she could find, got into the car, and drove. i was right next to her. 

"Lili, stop the car and look at me right now." i said as calmly as possible. and she did. 

"look Sarah," she said with the feeling of disgust in her words, "how am i suppose to react. i just found out that my best friend wasn't just in a car wreck but she was murdered by the sick bastard she called a boyfriend. right now all i want to do is go to his house and bash his head in with this board." 

"i know Lili, but your just wasting your time." she just looked confused now. "before i came to see you, i tried to look for Jack but he is gone. i searched for 3 days and nothing. it's like he just disappeared off the face of the earth or something." 

i knew by then she just couldn't take it any more. she just broke down. i didn't have any time to comfort her because it just so happened that Emma had saw her crying and knocked on the car window. 

Emma was the slut that Jack had cheated with before our first breakup. and yes we were one of those on- again, off- again couples, deal. any ways, i knew she was the slut he had dated because i had meet her on 'accident' at the movies. Jack thought i was a fool proof plan of taking two girls on a date to the same movie. idiot. 

she had blonde hair that went down her back in a wavy flow. not that tall, could had beaten her up within two minutes. not very smart either. if i had a dollar for every time she said something dumb, well i won't get into that. maybe later. 

"don't talk to her Lili." 

"well what am i suppose to do? pretend i didn't see her, drive off, and run over her foot?" 

"YES! THAT'S THE SLUT THAT WAS DATING JACK!?" i yelled in her face. i knew it was uncalled for. 

we even forgot that Emma was there just watching us. she must have heard the 'one person conversation' Lili was having with me and ran off because when she turned around to talk to her, Emma was gone. 


"sorry" was all i managed to get out. 

A/N: hey guys so these names are from really life. Lili, is my best friend in real life too. Jack is just a guy i dream about at night that never really has any features. Emma, is not was she is like in the story. she is like the sweetest person u will ever meet. but yeah there is more to come in the next chapter so stay tuned 

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