Lover's Revenge

this is the story of Sarah. she was just a normal 18 year old girl who had a perfect life. the best family, even better friends, and most importantly, the most amazing boyfriend. Jack. he was everything you could ask for in a boyfriend, that is until the night he let Sarah drive his car. this is the story of how Sarah was killed and how she got her LOVER'S REVENGE.....


6. Let's Do It

Lili's POV 


“Well this is just great, Sarah! Now Emma thinks I’m a complete lunatic,” I had screamed right into her face.

“Ok look, I know this might seem bad but this is all part of my plan,” she said with a little smirk on her face. I just know this was gonna involve me getting humiliated.

“Ok then what is it? What is this amazing plan that you have?”

“Well, it sorta involves me taking over your body and you befriending Emma.”

‘WHAT?’ Is she serious? I can’t even get near Emma let alone become her friend. This is just insane.

“Look I know this sound insane but I think that this will work. Before I met you I was friends with Emma. I know how she thinks and with that knowledge we can bring her down.”

“Ok, wait I thought that you wanted revenge on Jack, not Emma.” I am so confused.

“Ah, but that’s the beauty of it. She is still with Jack and she will look to him for comfort. Emma will lead us right to Jack. Don’t you see? She is our ticket to revenge.”  

"This has to be the most stupid plan i have ever heard, and i have a plan to live in Walmart." I just could not figure this out. "Wait, i think i got a better idea..." 

Sarah just looked at me like 'wow, i'm sure your plan is great but lets stay with this one' but i could tell she was just playing me. but surprisingly, my plan seemed fool proof. 

"Can you jut listen to it instead of judging me." she was shocked. she had never seen me blow up like that, and i was about to blow up even more. "So, yes you can take over my body," she seemed excited since she threw her hands into the air, "but instead of making friends with Emma, why not make friends with Jack?" 

she no expression on her face. i knew that it was a stupid idea, was just to afraid to admit that i was wrong. she went into deep thought then looked me dead in the eye before saying, 

"Its crazy, bold, daring, and you might end up like me, but if you think its a good idea i say let's do it." 

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