Lover's Revenge

this is the story of Sarah. she was just a normal 18 year old girl who had a perfect life. the best family, even better friends, and most importantly, the most amazing boyfriend. Jack. he was everything you could ask for in a boyfriend, that is until the night he let Sarah drive his car. this is the story of how Sarah was killed and how she got her LOVER'S REVENGE.....


4. Finally I Had My Friend Back.

ok, so now i got her to believe i was with her. but now i just needed her to see and hear me. it was so sad the way she was reacting to all of this. Lili fell to her knees in histarical sobbing and asking questions like, "Sarah, where are you? Was that you who wrote on my mirror? PLEASE SARAH, ANSWER ME. TELL ME THAT YOUR HERE!!!!!" i felt so bad for her but how could i let her know i was there and help her be able to finally see me. OH right, she has to believe in magic. how could i tell her what i needed to? WAIT her Harry Potter books, of course! but she knew that magic wasn't real. well i guess i'll just have to make her think that it was real...

i walked over to her bookshelf and tried to grab one of the books, yet i forgot that i was a ghost and couldn't touch anything. hmmm, maybe i could move it with my mind. i mean if it works in movies, maybe it would work in real life. so i tried. i consentrated on the book as hard as i could and nothing happened. i tried yet again, and still nothing. i tried one last time, but instead of moving the book i moved her snow-globe. as it came crashing to the floor she screamed and ran like a maniac to her closet shutting the door behind her. 

once the snow-globe was on the ground she came out of the closet to clean up the mess. that's when i realized what i had pushed off the shelf. it was the snow-globe that i had given her the Christmas before the accident. she has to believe that i'm there now. but, she didn't. i can't believe that my best friend in the entire world, would be able to see me. and now i couldn't say goodbye to her. 

as i'm leaving i notice that she was standing there, looking in my direction. "What are you looking at Lili?" i knew she couldn't hear me but i still asked. but no answer. i knew this was going to be the last time i was going to see her so i just needed to get somethings off my chest. 

"Lili, i know you can't hear me, but i just want you to know. you have been my best friend forever, and i can't thank you enough for that. you have always been there for me and right now i wish i could be there for you," as i was saying this, i moved closer to her and tried to put my hand on her shoulder. her eyes just followed my every movement, but i brushed it off and continued. "i just want you to know that i will always be with you. weather i'm here or not, you will always be my friend. i know that you tried your hardest to see me, but it wasn't enough. i'm gonna miss you Lili, and i'm not gonna say goodbye, just see you later."

 as i was about to walk out her door she said the words that i have been waiting to hear. 

"Sarah, please don't go." 


"Sarah, i can see you! your right in front of my door about to leave. and i know your here because i could feel your hand on my shoulder."

she can't be telling the truth. or was she. i looked back at her and she was crying. but these weren't tears of sorrow but of joy. i ran, well more like floated over to her and gave her a hug, but instead i went right through her. we just both started laughing.

finally i had my friend back. 

A/N ok so yes i know that everything except for the names is lower cased but i just don't feel like capitilizing the sentences because i'm lazy so yeah 

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