Lover's Revenge

this is the story of Sarah. she was just a normal 18 year old girl who had a perfect life. the best family, even better friends, and most importantly, the most amazing boyfriend. Jack. he was everything you could ask for in a boyfriend, that is until the night he let Sarah drive his car. this is the story of how Sarah was killed and how she got her LOVER'S REVENGE.....


2. Crashes and Wait, WHAT!!!!


We did what any other couple would do on a Saturday night. We went out for dinner and a movie, came back to my place, and snogged until my parents came home. But little did I know that underneath Jacks loving eyes, strong boby, and golden hair, was and evil rage that he had bottled up inside, like a bomb waiting to explode. The last thing I saw before the actident was Jack leaping out of the car on to a dusty dirt road while I, trying to do the same, crashed head first into the tree. I woke up,but I didn't wake up. I was on the ground for what seemed like and hour. I got up, seeing that my clothes were not torn and the car was no longer there. What had happened to make Jack do that to me and where was I?  As I asked that in my mind I was swept away from the dirt road I had been standing on to the St. Vincents hospitle close by. I saw my parents in the waiting area, my mother was crying her eyes out while dad was yelling at the doctors. I ran over to mom to give her a hug, but as my arms swung around her, I didn't hug her, i went through her. I tried to talk to her but under all the moans and wet tears coming down her face she heard nothing. Then Jack came up out of the elevator and came over to my mother and sat down right on top of me. "What did you do Jack," I screamed but he didn't even flinch. What had happened, where was I, and why couldn't anyone hear me? All questions I would never ask.  I followed them for two days, then I realized why they couldn't hear me. On the third day everyone was dressed in black, yet my clothes turned to white. In the car no one spoke. We came up to the church and when I entered the mood was depressing and scary. It was a funeral but for who? I looked to castet, but to my horror, I was in it. Thats why they couldn't hear or see me. I was there, yet I wasn't there. I sat with my family as one by one they said wonderful things about, some things I would have never told them in the first place. Then it was Jack's turn. It was like a dream turning into a nightmare right before my eyes. I flashed beside him wispering, 'Tell the truth, say what happened, don't lie about your quilt.' I knew he couldn't hear me though.My brothers, my father, and my uncle all carried me to the near by cemetary where I was laid to rest. People left one by one, until only Jack and I were left. He turned to me with a crooked smile saying, "No one will ever know the truth."  I screamed knowing no one would hear me but him. "I'll kill you for what you did. Why must you torture my former life with this lie. Tell them what you did. Tell them how you killed me." "It was suiced," he said, " thats what everyone believes. I was the only one there that night. Only you and I know the truth. And no one will believe you. Your dead." He walked away never to be seen again.  


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