Same Mistakes

This is the sequel to Everything About You. Everyone is back in London where many different problems are about to occur. Friends fight, Secrets are spilled and people's worlds are turned upside down. If there is a sl in brackets next to the chapter name that means that contained in that chapter there is strong language. I have only used strong language when I thought it would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy :) x


15. The Perfect Night

Beth's POV

Yay! I found out we are going to Nandos. When we got there the place was empty and all you could see from outside was a bit of candlelight. Niall intertwined our fingers and was a perfect gentlemen all night. We had a lovely meal by candle-light and when we had finished our meal my favourite romantic song started playing. Niall took me up to the rooftop. You could still hear the music from up here. He got down on one knee. Oh my god I think he's proposing!


N: I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you so Bethany Hyde-Wilkins will you make me the happiest man alive and say you'll be my wife?

B: Yes. A million times yes!


He placed the ring on my finger then it started raining so he put his jacket around me and then we shared a kiss in the rain. It was so romantic. I will never forget that night. When we got home I told Harry first since he was my step-brother before my dad died and he was there.


Niall's POV

Tonight was amazing and she said yes so thumbs up. It went as well as I wanted it to. It was...perfect

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