Same Mistakes

This is the sequel to Everything About You. Everyone is back in London where many different problems are about to occur. Friends fight, Secrets are spilled and people's worlds are turned upside down. If there is a sl in brackets next to the chapter name that means that contained in that chapter there is strong language. I have only used strong language when I thought it would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy :) x


6. The News

Niall's POV

Me and Beth are going so fast but I love it! I'm gonna be a dad and we're moving in together. I love her loads. She has actually stole my heart. When I showed Beth the house she looked like she loved it so thumbs up. I phoned the guys, asked them if they wanted to come around and I told them the address.

N: Princess, it's time to tell them.

B: I know but I'm scared

N: Why?

B: Harry hates me. He said it to my face. Harry pushed himself on me and I just managed to get away.

N: What?

B: He tried to kiss me three years ago just before his mum married my dad but when I got out of the way he said he hated me and told me not to tell anyone.

N: I understand now. It all makes sense. I'll tell him.

B: No. We'll tell everyone that I'm pregnant together.


As Beth said that the doorbell rang. I ran to the door, showed everyone to the living room and told them to sit down.


N: Guys, me and Beth have some news.

B: Erm.....I am expecting a baby with Niall.

S: Oh my godfather! I'm so happy for you!


Everybody except Harry ran up and congratulated us.


N: Harry, can I speak to you for a second?

H: Ok......


I grabbed hold of Harry's arm and dragged him outside.


N: What the heck were you thinking?!

H: When?

N: When you told my girlfriend you hated her

H: I never.....

N: Don't even deny it!

H: But I never....

N: What were you thinking when you tried to kiss her three years ago?

H: I.....I......


H: I was jealous of everyone having relationships except me and you and I hate not having a girl when you don't

N: Jealous?

H: Yeah.

N: Don't try and get out of this!

H: I'm telling the tru...

N: I'm not gonna speak to you again!


I ran inside leaving Harry on his own.


Sophie's POV

I haven't seen Harry since him and Niall went outside for a talk. I'm gonna check if he's still out there. Yes he is. I ran outside to check if he's alright.


S: Harry, are you alright?

H: I'm fine. Do you think I'm a bad person?

S: No. What would make you say that? I think you are really cute and lovely.

H: Thanks. That made me feel better. I think you're cute and lovely too.

S: Aw that is so sweet


Before I knew it our faces were inches apart and we were making out. His lips were so soft and I loved him. We only pulled away when Liam came outside looking for me and he spotted us snogging.

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