Same Mistakes

This is the sequel to Everything About You. Everyone is back in London where many different problems are about to occur. Friends fight, Secrets are spilled and people's worlds are turned upside down. If there is a sl in brackets next to the chapter name that means that contained in that chapter there is strong language. I have only used strong language when I thought it would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy :) x


5. Nialler, there is something I have to tell you

Should I get Beth sent away to another country? No. Thats too hard. Get a cat? Yeah, I'm gonna get a cat! Hurray! I love cats!

Beth's POV
Oh god! This is not good! He's my boyfriend and this happens!

N: Princess, you look worried.
B: I'm fine
N: If there's ever anything wrong you know you can tell me.
B: Yes. I know but I don't want to lose you.
N: How bad is it?
B: Depends.
N: Beth, please tell me.
B: Niall, this is hard to say but I am pregnant.
N: What?! Did the robber rape you?
B: Nialler, It's your baby.
N: Oh my god! My baby. I'm so happy.
B: Are you ready for a baby though?
N: Yeah. How far along are you?
B: I'm about three months in
N: We've been together for a year.
B: Yes we have
N: When Harry hears this he won't be happy. But I don't care! Yay! I'm gonna be a dad!
B: We'll tell everyone later
N: Ok. Beth? I wanna know if you wanna live in a new house just me and you.
B: Of course I do, babe
N: Do you wanna see the house?
B: Yeah sure

Then we set off to our new house together.....
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