Same Mistakes

This is the sequel to Everything About You. Everyone is back in London where many different problems are about to occur. Friends fight, Secrets are spilled and people's worlds are turned upside down. If there is a sl in brackets next to the chapter name that means that contained in that chapter there is strong language. I have only used strong language when I thought it would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy :) x


2. Nandos

Harry's POV

When we got there the couples were being mushy (Zayn and Perrie, Niall and Beth and Sophie and Liam)

N: Love you princess

B: Love you Nialler

Z: Love you.

P: Love you Bradford Bad Boi

LP: Love you Sophie

S: Aww. Thanks babe

Hmm....she didn't say love you back. Wonder what thats about. Does she love someone else?


Niall's POV

After about two hours we had finished our Nandos and started heading back towards the car when suddenly a dark person came out from behind a tree.....WITH A GUN!


H: Oh god!

B: Nialler, I'm scared

N: We'll be fine. Don't worry.


The person with a gun pointed it at me, grabbed Beth and tried to kidnap her. I had to stop them! I got up and ran towards her to try and save her. I caught up but before I could do anything he pushed me to floor and pulled the trigger on his gun then everything went black.....

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