Same Mistakes

This is the sequel to Everything About You. Everyone is back in London where many different problems are about to occur. Friends fight, Secrets are spilled and people's worlds are turned upside down. If there is a sl in brackets next to the chapter name that means that contained in that chapter there is strong language. I have only used strong language when I thought it would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy :) x


9. Going To The Clinic

Beth's POV

As I opened my eyes I saw that Niall was watching me.

N: Good Morning, princess

B: Morning, Nialler.

N: How are you feeling?

B: I'm feeling fine. I love you for sticking by me and for being,well,for being you.

N: Aw babe. How's the baby doing?

B: About that It's...

N: It's what?

B: It's the 20 week appointment at 2pm and we get to find out the gender of the baby

N: Today?!

B: Yes. I was wondering if you wanted to come

N: Of course I do. It's 12 now so let's get dressed and go have lunch now.


Niall's POV

After we had got dressed and ate lunch it was 1pm so we set off to the clinic. When we were called I was really nervous. I wasn't sure if I wanted a little boy or a little girl. Well, this is it. The time to find out what we're going to have. It took about 3 minutes to get Beth out of her chair and then when I opened the door I got really excited for what was about to come.

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