Same Mistakes

This is the sequel to Everything About You. Everyone is back in London where many different problems are about to occur. Friends fight, Secrets are spilled and people's worlds are turned upside down. If there is a sl in brackets next to the chapter name that means that contained in that chapter there is strong language. I have only used strong language when I thought it would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy :) x


13. Everyone meet Carly

Niall's POV

Me and Beth didn't have to get up at all in the night for Carly. Carly slept all night with no trouble. Me and Beth are deciding on the godfather and godmother for Carly at the moment.

B: I think that El should be Godmother and could Liam maybe be godfather?

N: I agree about El being godmother but what about the other lads?

B: So El is godmother since she's my best mate and Harry's already an uncle

N: How?

B: Hello? I'm his stepsister remember?

N: Oh yeah.

B: You forgot didn't you?

N: Yes I did. You don't have the same last name so it's not obvious.

B: Fair enough. Anyway El is godmother and...

N: I just had an idea. Can all four of the other lads be godfathers?

B: Good Idea. Invite them all around to meet Carly then I'll tell El and you can tell the lads.


*on phone*

N: Hey Zayn

Z: Hey. Whats up?

N: I was just gonna invite you and the rest of the lads around to mine and Beth's house.

Z: Sick! The other lads are here so I'll invite them for you. What time do you want us there?


Z: Be there in 15 minutes then


15 Minutes Later


Beth's POV

The doorbells just rang so I answered it and saw it was El. Yay! My best mate is here.

B: El! How are you? Come in and sit down.

E: Ok. Whats got you so excited?

B: I'll tell you when the lads are here


El is Eleanor Calder by the way and its complicated how I'm best friends with her now. Let me explain. When "El" was texting Louis it wasn't actually her someone had nicked her phone and was texting fake messages to him and you can be really close to your ex-boyfriends ex. I'm also really close to Louis even though he's my ex we're still very close mates. Anway when the lads finally got here me and Niall sat them all down in the living room. I went and got Carly from her cot. I waited outside for Niall to introduce her


N: We have very good news

LT: What is it?

N: Carly has been born two weeks early

B: and here she is

E: She is so cute and looks just like Niall before he bleached his hair

H: Yay! My niece is here!


Everyone looked at Harry except me and Niall.


H: What?

B: Don't tell me that you all forgot Harry is my brother.

Z: I didn't! I was just copying everybody else?

B: Harry, do you want to hold your niece?

H: If thats alright.

B: Sure just sit down


Harry sat down so I handed him Carly.


B: She had dimples just like you do

H: How do you know?

B: Niall got the first smile just after she was born

H: Oh. Awesome. She is just adorable.

B: El, can I talk to you alone please?

E: Yeah sure.


Niall took the baby away from Harry then I took El into the kitchen.


El's POV

I'm sort of scared that this is bad.


B: Don't be scared


Can she read my thoughts?


B: It's about Carly.

E: What about her?

B: You are her godmother!

E: Thank You Thank You Thank You So Much!


Oh my god! I'm Carly's Godmother! Ahhhhhhh!


B: Calm down, El.

E: I'm alright now. Who's the godfather?

B: All of the lads because Niall couldn't decide.

E: Typical!


Then Beth took me back into the living room.


Beth's POV

As El sat down I took Carly off Niall


B: Niall did you tell them?

N: Yes I did

B: How did they reac....

LP: Thank you so much for making us godparents!

B: It's no problem, Liam. El's godmother by the way


They all got to hold Carly and were celebrating for ages. Carly fell asleep and Harry tucked her in just like a typical uncle would. We decided to let them sleep over in their guest bedrooms that are designed to them. Cool right? I fell asleep as soon as my head rested on Nialler's chest.


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