5 cute boys in my head 1 in my heart

my name is Vivan. I am not only new to London but i have a new school too. I just moved from New York. I cant wait to start but its all new for me. oh and theres one more thing you should know about me my step dad beats me. everyday i come home wondering what hes going to do next....


2. mr evens class

"thats cool i would love to meet her" Niall said "oh my gosh she would die shes like in love with you, your all she ever talks about and i think your her favorite" i said as we entered mr evens room. "here we are come sit next to me" niall said taking my hand. he took me to the back of the class. he had a mischievous look in his eye. '"this is where i usually sit with my ex-girlfriend ally" he said pointing to a girl that was way prettier than i could ever be. i think i might have fallen for that Irish charm. I caught myself staring into nialls eyes a cupple times and every time he would look over at me and smile back. Had he fallen for me to? no he couldnt have fallen for me. And just as i looked over at him again the bell rang. "Hey can i ask you something" niall said "sure anything" i said grabing my bookbag. "would you want to come see a film with me or something" he said. "yeah that would be fun whats your number ill text you" i said getting out my phone as he gave me his phone and i gave him mine we both punched in out numbers. "ok ill call you" niall said walking out of the class. OMG i just got asked out on a date on the first day of school!

hey guys sorry this ones kinda short comment your feed back and you can email me if you want me to read you fan fic its beccarae714@yahoo.com

thanks XOXO becca


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