5 cute boys in my head 1 in my heart

my name is Vivan. I am not only new to London but i have a new school too. I just moved from New York. I cant wait to start but its all new for me. oh and theres one more thing you should know about me my step dad beats me. everyday i come home wondering what hes going to do next....


4. meeting the other girls



    "Hey viv" Niall called out to me. He ran up to me and gave me a hug as we walked to out seats holding hands.

"hi Ni" I said as we sat with liam

. "hey liam" I said trying to make conversation. but as soon as i said that he ran up to the door. up to a really pretty girl he gave her a quick hug and kiss before coming over to me.

"viv this is dani my bird" he said introducing us.

"hi nice to meet you" i said to dani. she just smiled. Lou ran up to the door.

"where is she have any of you seen her" he said acting worried

."wheres who" i whispered to niall.

"El" he said "whos el" i asked so many new people

."his girlfriend" and my question was answered again when a pretty girl walked in and lou kissed her she looked a little shocked. "viv this is el my girlfriend" he said as he walk up to me i said hi and then they went to go sit with harry.

"viv can i talk to you out in the hall really quick" zayn said

"yeah sure" i said kinda confused what did he want to talk to me about??????

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