5 cute boys in my head 1 in my heart

my name is Vivan. I am not only new to London but i have a new school too. I just moved from New York. I cant wait to start but its all new for me. oh and theres one more thing you should know about me my step dad beats me. everyday i come home wondering what hes going to do next....


3. getting ready


So me, a weird American girl who’s dad abuses her got a date with THE Niall Horan! I had to find the rest of the boys I needed advice. When I found one of them it was Zayn. “Hey Zayn” I said getting his attention. “hey Viv” he said pulling me into a hug. It was nice I don’t get many hugs anymore. “so I was wondering if you could give me some advice” I asked cutting straight to the point. “yeah sure anything love” he said. “well I kind of have a date… with Niall” I said. “really” he said sounding bummed out. He took my schedule right out of my hands as he was saying this. “what should I wear or how should I act, because I think I ummm what to you British people call it umm fancy him” I said. He laughed. “don’t come to me for fashion advice go to Lou he would know” he said giving me back my schedule. “ok thanks” I said. “WAIT” I heard a yell. “take my number if you ever need anything or if you just want to talk” zany said putting it into my butt pocket. “ok will do” I said and that’s when my mission to find Lou started. I had a free period so I had time. The first placed I looked was the café and there he was just sitting there. “LOUIS” I yelled running up to him. “woah love what do u need” he said catching me as I was about to fall. “ I need fashion advice” I said. “Oh I can help you with that. Call me tonight and I can come over to your house and help oh and whats the occasion” he asked. “Well I have a date with Niall” I said rubbing my neck where my scar was placed. “Oh really” he said acting surprised.  “yeah I fancy him” I said attempting to do a British accent. “Love you cant do a British accent” he said laughing at me. “I know” I said laughing along with him. “so who do u have next” he said. “ummm mrs white” I said. “Me too” he said grabbing his books and we were off to class. But when we got there to my surprise the rest of the boys were there too.


HEYYYY GUYS sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been  really busy with school so I couldn’t really write but here you guys go hope you like it leave feed back plz

XOXO becca      

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