When We Kissed

When we kissed I saw stars, moon, and light, I lost my breath. I was tossed and turned.


1. When We Kissed

The first time we kissed

I was holding your hand

To little to know what love is

But when your lips found mine


I saw stars

I lost my breath

I was breathless

I was excited


The angels was watching us

As our love grew, we grew to

The longer we loved the more we stayed

Everytime the kiss got even better


Noone thought we would be together

For very long

To others it was puppy love

But we knew it was real


All of our lives we were together

Our love was deeper then any ocean

More wider then any land

We was tossed and turned.....


But never lost our way

We graced the lands and seas

As we gazed at each other

With smiles so sweet


We never left each other

We never strayed

We stayed together

Come what may


Together we was

Until the day we died

With a smile for each other

They found us wrapped around each other


When we kisses!

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