Heal Me

We'd run away from home, my little sister and I. We were helpless. Until he came along with his dark, bushy eyebrows and windswept hair. His name was Liam.


7. Sweet Angel


Liam’s POV-


I sat there for what felt like years, stunned. My arms around this beautiful broken angel, my left hand stroking her back rhythmically, trying to provide some sort of comfort to her. If I ever met that monster of a father she had I would kill him with my bare hands. He would never get hold of her again, ever. What a bastard.  Isabelle was shaking with fear so I drew her closer to me, lightly resting my chin on top of her head. I was pretty shaken up as well as her; I didn’t ever think there could be people as evil as that man in the world.


I glanced over to where Lydia was sitting, a hint of a smile crept across my lips as I watched her playing. Lydia seemed completely unharmed by all of this but kept looking anxiously at Isabelle’s shaking body. Slowly, Lydia began to crawl across the bed until she reached where Isabelle and I were sat, pulling herself onto her sister’s lap carefully. I immediately reached out a hand to steady her balance, making sure she didn’t fall. Lydia reached up and touched Isabelle’s cheek gently, concern growing in those big brown puppy dog eyes. I watched the two as Isabelle pulled Lydia closer, wrapping her arms around her protectively.


I excused myself for a moment, heading through to the bathroom in a rush. Splashing my face with cool refreshing water I debated what to do. All of those things Isabelle had told me, I couldn’t just ignore them. But I couldn’t involve the police, Isabelle was very set against that, claiming that her father had friends that he would contact from inside prison that would come and take her and Lydia. I couldn’t let that happen. I wouldn’t let that happen. It was my duty to protect Isabelle any way that I could now. Nobody would ever hurt her again. Ever.


I paused for a moment and listened to the soft, sweet singing that was coming from the other room. An old lullaby I think. Maybe it was one her mum used to sing to her. Her mum. I wondered if Isabelle knew where she was buried, I thought it was important that she got to say goodbye to her mum properly, as she was never really given the chance. I decided that was what we were going to do later, after we’d gone and gotten both sisters some warmer clothes as it was a very winter day today. I needed to find out more about Isabelle’s past without being too pushy; I wanted to know everything that had happened to her so that I could help her.  Sweet angel.


Isabelle’s POV-


I stood in the shop changing room, frowning at myself in the mirror. I had washed my hair that morning in the hotel  while I was showering, it was nice to be able to take a hot shower again without any punishment for doing it. My hair now fell in curls down to my waist, I hadn’t had a haircut since mum died so it was pretty long. When mum was alive I still had a bob, so long hair was a big change for me. We were in somewhere called ‘Topshop’ and I was trying another one of the outfits Liam had picked for me. There was a baby pink jumper, some faded blue jeans, pink shoes by ‘Converse’, a t-shirt that said ‘Dork’ on it in big black letters and a deep red scarf. I liked it. The jumper covered the horrible white bandages that were freshly changed this morning by Liam. Overall, I felt safe in this.


Liam had refused to buy me makeup. As a little girl I would always go into mum’s room and smear lipstick and blusher all over my face, as all kids do I suppose. But Liam had refused to buy me any, insisting that I looked great already and didn’t want to be fake like most of the girls you saw around town.


 It was only when I was looking in the mirror that I had noticed how thin I had become, my cheeks seemed hollowed in a bit and my cheekbones were very prominent. Three years of barely eating had changed me a lot, I couldn’t believe that I had never noticed before. I looked ill.  Liam saw that too and had made me stand on scales earlier that morning, his eyes widening when he looked at my weight. I was 97 pounds. Liam had frowned at me and then put a third breakfast in front of me, insisting that I eat it all.


“Come on, love. Eat it, please. We need to fatten you up a bit.”


It was nice being able to eat a proper meal again, well, three proper meals after Liam had insisted I had to eat more. We had gone into a ‘Starbucks’ on the way to get a muffin and a hot chocolate. Hot chocolate was better than I remembered, making me feel all warm and cosy inside. It was expensive though and I promised Liam I would pay him back every single penny. He just laughed and me and shook his head as he broke off another bit of his muffin for Lydia. After that we were off to ‘Jojo Maman Bebe' which, according to Liam, was a shop that did really good clothes for kids. 

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