Heal Me

We'd run away from home, my little sister and I. We were helpless. Until he came along with his dark, bushy eyebrows and windswept hair. His name was Liam.


8. Shop Assistant Questions


Isabelle’s POV-


‘Jojo Maman Bebe’ was amazing. But expensive. When I complained about the price to Liam he simply shrugged, was he famous or something that he could afford all of this?! Liam handed me a basket and pointed me off towards the clothes while he took Lydia in hand and went to look at a toy shop just across from where we were now.


As I headed towards the girls section my eyes were instantly drawn towards a blue skirt with a lighter blue stripe around the trim along with a purple stripe. Just above the purple stripe was a row of little cartoon style elephants. I picked one up in a size smaller than Lydia was wearing, because what she was wearing now was way too big for her. While wandering about I picked up some thick white tights to go underneath the skirt. I picked up some white vests and a white top to go on top of the skirt. On my way round a shop assistant came and offered me help, looking very excited to do so as she started asking questions about Liam. While she talked I put a blue knitted cardigan in the basket.


“What’s it like to be with Liam? Are you his new girlfriend? Do you know the rest of the guys too? Do you think I could get a photo with him? Why are you buying baby clothes? Are you pregnant with his kid?”


On and on the squeaky voice nattered, but after I gave no replies she stalked off, shooting me an evil look as she went. I threw some more dresses, shorts, t-shirts and skirts into the basket and paid as quickly as possible with the money that Liam had slipped into my back pocket before leaving for the toy shop with Lydia. I shot an apologetic look at the shop assistant I had ignored, who turned on her heel and walked the other way.


Stepping outside the shop I suddenly noticed how chilly it was, smiling as Liam and Lydia came towards me. But my smile quickly faded and a frown appeared on my forehead as I saw how much stuff Liam had bought in the toyshop. There were enough toys for a whole care home of children in those bags.


“What? It’s no bother, babe, Lydia needs stuff to keep her occupied tonight and it’s not like I don’t have the money for it.” Said Liam, smirking and flicking his hair to the side, glancing down at Lydia as he did so.


I frowned slightly at him.


“What’s happening tonight?” I asked him, feeling slightly panicky at the thought of leaving Lydia on her own all night.


“I’ve hired someone to come and look after Lydia in the hotel room while you and I go out for dinner, there are a lot of things we have to talk about and some of them aren’t really child friendly, love.” He said with a wink, then laughed at my expression.


“Isabelle, I’m joking! No need to look like that. I just thought you needed a night without having to worry about Lydia.”

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