Heal Me

We'd run away from home, my little sister and I. We were helpless. Until he came along with his dark, bushy eyebrows and windswept hair. His name was Liam.


13. Nightmare

Isabelle’s POV-


Suddenly, large meaty hands grabbed my face, pressing themselves down over my mouth to cover my imminent scream. One rough, calloused hand scratched itself down my body, nipping and digging its nails in all over my arms. The other hand stayed firm across my mouth as my eyes widened in horror and I writhed in pain to get away from whoever this was. The room began to spin around me and everything blurred out of proportions. Tiny objects seemed huge and large objects seemed minuscule. I wondered what would happen to me this time.


A piece of disgusting smelling cloth was pushing into my mouth and bound around my head lightly, forcing my tongue down to the bottom of my mouth painfully. Both hands moved down my aching body slowly, feeling their way around every bone and over every scar. I heard the familiar sound of ripping material as I squeezed my eyes shut, trying desperately to block it all out, to pretend it wasn't happening. The hands tugged and pulled as the material fell away from my body, leaving me bare and completely vulnerable. Squeezing my eyes as tight as they could go I felt a warm tear roll down my cheek, followed by many others, cascading down my face like a waterfall.


Rough hands groped my chest slowly and rolled my nipples between huge sausage fingers, poking and prodding at me like a piece of meat. A demon torturing me as it tried to locate its target. Heavy breaths touched my face as the stench of beer wafted into my nostrils.


I screamed out in pain as fat fingers were forced inside of me. First two. Then three. Moving in and out of my quickly, tearing me apart. I froze in fear and tried to push my legs together, but my thighs were being held apart by the other hand and the base of his knee. I arched my back and tried to struggle out of his reach, my eyes almost popping out of my sockets they were open so wide. His eyes blackened as he pulled his fingers out slowly, wiping them on my face. I turned my head in horror as he did so but then he grasped my face with such force and began to kiss me. I couldn't kiss back because I was gagged; I wanted to vomit at the feeling of him slobbering all over my face.


Slowly he untied the cloth from around my face and quickly forced himself inside my mouth before I could make a sound, pushing his length into the very back of my throat, choking me. He withdrew and just as I was about to scream he rammed himself back into my throat, leaving me gasping for air  afterwards as my face became drenched further in my own tears. He grabbed my hair and pulled it towards him, forcing my head upwards onto him, forcing himself further into my throat. His eyes were black and lustful as he looked into mine.


I closed my eyes again, willing it to be over. Everything became hazy as I tried to regain my breath. Suddenly an excruciating pain shot throughout my entire body as he pushed himself inside of me with a low, throaty groan of ecstasy. For what felt like an eternity he pushed himself in and out of me whilst I screamed and groaned in sheer agony.


A last it was over and the figure left me lying on the ground, frozen by pain. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I curled into a ball, wrapping my arms around my knees protectively, trying to cling on to some sort of hope of a better future.


“What do you say?” A deep gruff voice asked me.


Whispering as quietly as I could so it didn't seem real, I uttered the three words he wanted to hear.

“Thank you, Daddy.”



After that I woke up, curled in a ball in the hotel bed beside Lydia. Another flashback of that monster. Pulling Lydia close to me I pulled the covers over us both, shielding us from whatever was out there.

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