Heal Me

We'd run away from home, my little sister and I. We were helpless. Until he came along with his dark, bushy eyebrows and windswept hair. His name was Liam.


11. Got It Bad

Liam’s POV-


I had invited Harry over the day after my dinner with Belle and my palms were sweating at his reaction to all of this. He would totally flip out and go mental. I could almost hear his speech about stopping with the charity cases but Belle was way more than that, she was my perfectly imperfect. The rest of the boys were going to kill me once they found out that Harry knew before them but me and Harry were really close, I went to him after every heartbreak and he came to me after each one night stand and tried to convince me that he loved that girl, even though he’d always have another girl by the next week. Those girls had no respect for themselves, Harry was a womanizer, I’ll give them that but you don’t sleep with someone just because of their fame and money. Harry was between girlfriends though so I thought that he might understand and maybe even respect that I had one too. Isabelle Payne. I could picture it so perfectly and I knew it was crazy because I had just met her but I believe in love at first sight. This was love at first glance.


When Harry arrived I shushed him and leaded him into a room near the bedroom, trying to keep him quiet because Isabelle and Lydia were still in bed. I slowly explained everything and Harry’s expression grew more surprised with every second. After the massive explanation about Isabelle and how I had met her and why she was in the state that she was in, I waited for Harry to stop looking so awestruck and say something.


“Fuck.” Harry muttered under his breath after an awkward silence between us both.

“I know, mate. But she is amazing, wait until you see her. But don’t stare alright, Hazza? Her bruises and stuff are worse in real life and she gets really nervous around people.” I said slowly in a low voice, looking straight into his eyes to show I was being serious about it.

“Not to be insensitive or anything but... eh, please tell me that she’s at least a 7 mate? I mean, c’mon.” Harry said with a sly grin before winking at me.

“Harry, she’s off the chart. Infinity doesn't even sum up how beautiful she is; inside and out.” I replied honestly as I remembered her amazing eyes that I could get lost in forever.

Harry laughed for a minute before looking at me and noticing that I was being serious.

“Wow. You've really got it bad, Liam.”


I saw Belle peering round the door frame with Lydia on her hip; Belle was still wearing the t-shirt that I had dressed her in last night. She was still as hot as ever. I smiled at her encouragingly as she came in slowly and sat down beside me, frowning at Harry and looking at me with a confused expression.  Harry was staring at her like a piece of meat, like the way he looked at the girls in the club. I kicked him on the shin and coughed slightly, wrapping an arm around Isabelle and Lydia protectively.


Harry’s Pov-


Wow. Liam had done well this time. She was hotter than the blonde I had had the month before and believe me, that was hard to top! I needed her. 

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