Heal Me

We'd run away from home, my little sister and I. We were helpless. Until he came along with his dark, bushy eyebrows and windswept hair. His name was Liam.


9. Getting Ready

Isabelle’s POV-


I stared at my reflection later that night. How could I look so... nice? I wasn’t the prettiest girl but tonight I looked like a normal girl, the ones I would see walking around at night with a boyfriend on each arm. My collarbones jutted out a little in the pink strapless dress patterned with a floral print, another one of Liam’s choices, but that was normal for me for bones to stick out; it had been the same since a couple of months after Mum died. The dress fell comfortably just above my knees, covering the bruises on my thighs but the ones on my feet were revealed by the ballet flats, the same colour as the dress, but I guess the bruises would fade in time. Everything fades in time.


I frowned in the mirror as I pulled my hair up into a messy ponytail, the one sort my hair would go into due to its determination to be curly and awkward. Examining a white piece of ribbon from one of the shopping bags I untied it and placed it over the hair tie, securing it with a bow. Grabbing the soft, brown leather jacket Liam had bought earlier that day I examined my nails; they had been painted a bright red colour and looked nice for a change! I was grateful for the jacket because it concealed the mass of bruises on my arms and shoulders, the horrible reminders of what had happened only two days ago.


Wiping the tears from my face as I remember that day when we ran, the bitter cold of the winter breeze must have been warmed than his heart – if he even had one. Tears were pouring down my face and I sniffed a couple of times, breathing in the smell of the deodorant Liam had put on earlier that day. It made me feel safe. With Lydia and Liam by my side I felt safer than I had done in a long time, it was the happiest I had ever felt since Mum was alive. I forced a smile and wiped the rest of my tears, nodding at my reflection in slight approval. Although my appearance disgusted me, it was still an improvement from the usual.


I stepped outside the hotel, kissing Lydia goodbye and leaving her with the woman who was watching her for the night. My heart almost shattered when I had to say goodbye, she was and had been my entire world since Mum’s death but now it was time for both of us to experience new things and, hopefully, it might lead up to a better life.


Then I saw Liam waiting by the car.


Liam’s POV-


Hurriedly I pulled on a black suit and tie, flicking my hair to the side and rushing about like a mad man. Where the heck were my shoes?! I frowned as I searched the room for them, combing through lots of Lydia’s toys on the way, getting distracted by some on the way. Kid’s toys were so cool! I wished I was a little boy again and could play with all this junk, it was so neat.


Finally after 15 minutes of searching for my black leather shoes to go with the suit, I wanted to make a really good impression for Isabelle. She would probably look even more stunning than on the first day I met her, if that was even possible. Letting out a frustrated sigh I pulled on a bright red pair of converse, and laced them up quickly, my fingers fumbling to get them done so I could go downstairs and wait for Isabelle to finish getting ready. Admittedly not my best fashion choice but I doubted that Isabelle would care and even if other people did, who cared? I knew that Isabelle would never do that to me.


I waited another 10 minutes outside for Isabelle, shivering beside the car and rubbing my hands together to keep them warm. Then she came outside. She was beautiful. Way too thin, her thighs were probably smaller than the tops of my arms but she was still beautiful. I grinned and opened the door for her.


“Your carriage is ready, my lady” I said softly with a bow and a wink.

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