Heal Me

We'd run away from home, my little sister and I. We were helpless. Until he came along with his dark, bushy eyebrows and windswept hair. His name was Liam.


10. Dinner Date

Liam’s POV-


As we stepped out of the car outside the restaurant I rushed Isabelle inside, I wasn’t in the mood for fans swarming me right now, especially with Isabelle not having a clue about any of that yet. The night was cold so as we crossed into the restaurant I pulled Isabelle closer to me, being careful of how much force I put in due to her bruises. Isabelle smiled at me and looked around in awe as we stepped inside and waited for our table, it only took a few minutes for us to be seated in one of the far corners of ‘Dabbous’, which was a really nice place but their portions were tiny and prices were sky high. But I wanted to give Isabelle a proper evening out so price didn’t really matter to me anymore, the look on her face as I pulled the chair out for her was enough.


I ordered us both the barbecued Iberico pork with acorn praline, which tasted sensational. Isabelle was struggling to eat the whole thing so I told her gently that she didn’t have to finish it and she gave me a first glimpse of her real smile while sitting back in the chair slowly, hands over her belly.


“Belle? Is it ok if I call you that? Anyways, you can take your jacket off you know, it’s way warm in here and you look as if you’re going to overheat. More water?” I said above the chatter of many other couples that were here that night.


“I... Um... Yeah ok...” Isabelle murmured softly, shrugging her jacket off and exposing the mass of bruises all over her back, shoulders and arms. I gulped slightly as I watched everyone in the restaurant turned round, muttering under their breath and staring at Belle’s beautiful but scarred body. Women glared at me as if I had done this and the men fixed me with a steely look that sent shivers down my spine in fear. Something was going to kick off in a minute, I could tell. I had to get her out of here.


“Come on, love. Let’s go, we’ve been out for more than 2 hours. Let’s, uh, go take a walk for a bit.” I gabbled quickly, helping her put her jacket on, my heart felt as if it was going to break as I watched the pain it caused her to move. I pressed some cash into the waiter’s hand and he nodded at us, speechlessly as he opened the door of ‘Dabbous’ for us to leave.


Isabelle’s POV-


The dinner was nice and Liam was being amazingly kind, talking to me about everything and trying to get me up to speed with the latest news. But when everyone in that place turned round and saw the disgusting brown, purple and slightly green collection of bruises I felt as if I was going to throw up. Liam hurried me outside and I was glad to follow him, my arms ached as I put them back into the jacket and Liam stared at me as I winced.


It was freezing cold outside and Liam removed his suit jacket, wrapping it around my shoulders, placing his arm around my waist. I was grateful for the extra warmth, I could feel the heat coming off of his body as he held me close, warming me up slowly. Slowly, I rested my head on his chest as we came to a halt in the street. I could feel his arms wrap around me and hold me tight and I could feel tears welling in my eyes as he gently kissed the top of my head, murmuring into my ear that everything would be alright. He promised me again and again that he would protect me and never let me go, as my tears rolled down my cheeks and onto his shirt, creating a damp patch. Then I felt my legs give way under me, Liam catching me just in time. He lifting me up like a baby, cradling me in his arms as I shut my eyes and drifted asleep in his arms, he didn’t stop holding me the entire journey back to the hotel.


Liam’s POV-


She was so light, so so light. I frowned and held her closer; I felt a really protective instinct over her, my poor broken angel. In that moment I knew that she was the one, I would do anything to help her. I was going to keep my Isabelle safe and I was going to help her overcome everything she’d been through. I, Liam Payne, was going to help her to be happy. I would swim the channel for her. Climb mountains. I would kill someone to keep her safe if that’s what it came to. Boy, I had a lot of explain to the boys when I saw them next.


When we reached the hotel I undressed her slowly, staring at the bones jutting out of her alarmingly, promising myself that I would get her to a healthy weight again. I eased a t-shirt that belonged to me over her head, it came halfway down her thighs and could have fit 3 more people inside it with her but it would just have to do. Tucking her up underneath the covers beside Lydia who was already fast asleep. I kissed her cheek carefully, making sure not to wake her, as I crept out of the room, shutting the door behind me.


She was amazing. A perfect girl. I would help her to become better. She was mine. 

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