Heal Me

We'd run away from home, my little sister and I. We were helpless. Until he came along with his dark, bushy eyebrows and windswept hair. His name was Liam.


2. Brown Bear

It was close to nine by the time we made it out of the house, Lydia was still sound asleep in my arms. I wanted it to stay like that for at least another hour, until I had some sort of plan. The night’s sky was already dark with not a single cloud in sight. It was only the beginning of December but the snow was beginning to fall already, it looked like we were going to have a white Christmas this year.

We walked past endless rows of houses on our way into town, each seeming more perfect than the one before. Families were snuggled up in front of the open fire, watching some Christmas show I’d never heard of before, it was about some big green guy and some people with weird hairstyles. Some houses had cookies on a plate which children were munching from contentedly, some were singing around the piano, but most were just sitting talking. Laughing. I’d have given anything to have a family like that, one I could trust and feel safe around.

I shrugged it off and drew my jumper around me a little tighter as we reached a warm, well lit shop; “Jenners”. The name even sounded fancy. I walked inside, my eyes wide with amazement. It was like an indoor winter wonderland. There was a massive tree, probably taller than our old house, right in the centre of it. I glanced my eyes hungrily over a map of the store, trying to see what treats they had for us inside.

We ended up in the toy department, after negotiating the maze that seemed to be inside the store. Lydia woke up at this point and was ecstatic, running around the shelves in wonder, not touching anything at all. I think she thought that it might not be real and didn’t want to ruin the perfect dream. I would have loved to have bought every teddy in here for her, but when I looked at the prices I had to back away. It was almost £50 for a decent sized teddy bear, maybe I’d save up and get her one next year. My heart felt like it was being torn in two when I had to take the teddy away from her and put it back, she was crying by this time, hungry.

Spinning round on the spot once I spotted a man watching us. He was quite handsome, deep brown eyes that were lit up with happiness, a smile that just seemed to ooze with joy. He was staring at us, watching carefully. I began to panic in case he knew our dad, what if he was spying on us for him. We needed to get out of here. Brushing past numerous toys, knocking several things off of shelves, I grabbed Lydia quickly and sprinted outside, leaving all the warmth of the store behind us.

Eventually I was happy that the man was no longer following us and sat down under a stone gazebo sort of thing in a big park. Lydia was shivering so I tugged my cardigan off of my arms, wincing in pain as it pulled at the bandages that covered both of my arms, wrapping it round her tightly. I opened the floral rucksack I had been carrying and passed Lydia a couple of crackers, it wasn’t much but it would keep her going until the morning, until I could find us some proper food. We settled down under the gazebo for a long, cold night or worry when out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the man again.

He was getting closer. My breathing grew faster and heavier. Don’t panic. Just stay still and maybe he’ll leave you alone, see that you’re only young and deserve better than that hell house back home. I saw that he was smiling as he grew nearer, not manically like my father used to, but kindly- as if he really cared about me. Slowly he bent down beside where Lydia and I were huddled and held out his hand, in it was the perfect brown bear we had been playing with a “Jenner’s”. Lydia snatched the bear cautiously and held it to her, she was already in love with it.

“Hi.” murmured the boy quietly. I spoke my reply quickly. “You look pretty cold, why don’t you let me book you a hotel room for the night?” When  I shook my head, his voice grew firmer. “I’m going to book you a room in the hotel I’m staying at. Your… Sister, is it? She looks pretty cold, huh? Please, for her.” Slowly I rose to my feet, slinging the rucksack over my back, groaning at the pain as I moved my arms. Once Lydia was securely in my arms, I felt safe to look into the boy’s dark eyes.

“I’m Isabelle. Who are you?” I whispered, watching the hot air from my mouth make smoke as it hit the cool night air.

“I’m Liam. Liam Payne.” the boy frowned as he was saying it, as if he didn’t quite want to tell me. “You know, from One Direction” he said, rolling his eyes and swishing his hair. Who were One Direction? Some boy band or club or something? Liam. The perfect name, for the perfect boy.

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