Summertime Paradise (Show Me Love Sequel) 1D FANFICTION BOOK 2

Victoire Jane Styles has grown up to be an eighteen year old teenage girl. She has to deal with bullies with her five best friends by her side; Cara Villegas,Zack Malik, Keith Horan,Daniel Payne and Lewis Tomlinson. They go on a trip to Hawaii,much to their delight; thinking of tans, beach balls and surfing. But what they don't know is that it is just a beginning of a series of dramas.


3. Trading Winter for Summer




"Are you coming over or are you going with your Mom ?" i say into the cellphone .

"Mom says she'll drop me over there.'' Cara says ; a tinge of disappointment mixed with all the excitement that's going on.

"Well okay , i'll buy you a grass skirt once we get to Hawaii okay ?" i say ; grinning . She laughs.

''Okay then , see you later!" and with that she hangs up .

I take out an empty luggage bag from my closet room and sprawl it on my bed. I stare at it; my mind blank.

"Vic! They're here!" I hear Dad's voice calls out . I grin and run out of the room . I go down stairs to see my four best friends huffing and puffing as they drag their luggage into the living room.

Keith looks up and grins. "Hey love!" he greets as i run to embrace him .

The others turn and greets me. "Have you packed your bags ?" Zack asks ; giving me a skeptical look.

I bite my lip ."No." i say . They all laugh . "What's so funny about not packing my bag ? We still have time . It's tomorrow , not today." i point out.

They shrug  . Lewis steps towards me and smile."I'll help you pack." he says .

So Lewis and I run up the stairs while the boys settle down into the guest rooms.

"Oh my God this is so thrilling ! We're actually going to Hawaii!" Lewis says ; grinning up at me. He has hopelessly messy brown hair and hazel eyes.

I sigh and pat down his hair. "You need to wear hair gel or spray it up like Uncle Zayn's ." I emphasize on 'need'.

"Well , i'm obviously not Uncle Zayn." Lewis states ; beaming . I smile.

Footsteps pace into the room . Keith appears at the doorway with a bag full of heavy loads.

"What's that Keith ?" I ask him . He ruffles his dirty blonde hair and his sea blue eyes twinkle. He's tanner than i am. It's like he's already gone to Hawaii.

He grins. "Food. These are all i can scavenge from Dad. He conquered the most of it." he pouts.

I grin. "I feel so sad." i say sarcastically . "Help me pack please ?" I ask Lewis and Keith.

"Sure , anything for you babe." they both said . Keith puts down his bag full of food and turns towards me.
We fold up my clothes and throw it into the luggage bag.

"Look!" Keith says ; holding up a pair of my underwear. I shriek and pounce on Keith.

"Give it back , give it back Keith!" i shriek ; trying to get my underwear from Keith's outstretched hands. Lewis isn't helping me either. Instead , he's rolling on the floor laughing his head off.

"No!" he sticks out his tongue. 
"What the actual hell are you guys doing ?" Another voice says. Well , that distracted Keith so i took the chance and grab my underwear and hide it behind my back .

We look up to see Zack frowning down at us. I clear my throat and go off of Keith.

"Well ,um... Keith ,he well ,stole my underwear...So yeah." i say; uncertain. I'm reminded of my father who talks so slow.

Zack's dark eyes turn from sour to triumph. "You did ?" Zack shoots at Keith . Keith grins , flashing a dimple on his right cheek.

"Should've done it quietly but yeah." he grins . I roll my eyes. Zack stretches out his arms and yawn and only then do i realize that he isn't wearing any t-shirt and his tanned abs could be seen.

"Why are you guys packing so early anyway ?" Zack says ; leaning against the door frame.
"Because we're not lazy unlike you." Lewis states ; throwing a pair of extra shoes into my luggage.

Zack glares at Lewis and they both start to wrestle.

"Guys , i can't find my cargo shorts!" another voice says. Daniel appears at the doorway with his eyebrows creased.

He has thick dark hair and brown eyes and thin lips.

"It's in the laundry basket." i say helpfully ; pointing at a laundry basket at the corner of my room.

He digs into the laundry basket and whoops as he found his cargo shorts.

"I think that's it." Keith says ; putting my toiletries in my luggage. "Thank you."i say ; smiling gratefully at him.

There's one thing i hate about trips ; packing. 

"Boys , come downstairs for a second !"Dad calls out.Keith and Lewis looks at each other in fascination.

"What do you think it is ?" Lewis asks as they walk toward the door. "I think he's going to give us money to spend , lads." Keith says ; his eyes gleaming with mischief. I roll my eyes as they walk out of the room.

Zack trails behind them slowly. He stops when he comes up to the door and turns and walk towards me.

"You're beautiful you know that ?" he says ; hugging me, his body feeling warm against mine.

I freeze in shock. He smiles and goes out of the room ; leaving me in the state of shock.

What just happened ?





I scroll down my playlist on my iPod and sigh as i stop at Men Of Snow by Ingrid.

I stare up at the ceiling lighted by colorful stars spinning round and round the room in the dark that comes from the colorful lights.

I see someone climbing onto bed with me from the corner of my eyes .

I take out my earphones and see Daniel grinning at me.

"So what did he want ?" i ask. He chuckles . "Oh , just a talk about that thing. You know , the keep-away-from-my-daughter-or-i-will-kill-you-if-you-had-it-with-her talk." he says .

I groan ; covering my face with my hands. "Can the ground swallow me right now ?'' i beg.

Daniel chuckles as he put his arm around me.

"What're you listening to ?" he asks. "Men Of Snow by Ingrid." i say ; putting an earphone in his right ear and another on my left ear.

We sit in silence ; surrounded by beautiful colorful lights.

"Vic." Daniel says . I turn my head to look at him and we stare at each other. His face being illuminated by the colorful lights.

"This song is very good!"  he grins . I laugh . "I know . I have very good taste in music." i say ; winking at him.

Someone plops down onto the bed on my right. I turn to see Keith grinning at me.

"I hope i'm not interrupting anything but i have very good taste in food." he says as he hands me a jar of Nutella and another one to Daniel.

"Oh my God , Nutella!" i say ; opening the lid . I accepted the spoon and  started digging the Nutella.

"I have to hand it to you , Keith." Daniel says as he moans .

"I know." he says . I take out my earphones and unplug it from my phone . I turn it on full volume .

So we lie there , eating Nutella and talking about the trip to Hawaii until we fall asleep ,with Men Of Snow as our lullaby and the jars of Nutella forgotten on our chests..






The alarm clock shrieking wakes me up. I yawn and look at Keith and Daniel who are sleeping soundly despite the alarm clock. 

I slam the alarm clock and it goes off.  I get off of the bed and tip toe to the bathroom.

"What what ?!" Keith says ; sitting up . I roll my eyes. Loud noises doesn't wake him up, only quiet ones.

That is what makes him weird.

"Get up and get ready. It's already 7:55 and the bus is leaving on 8:20." i say . Keith rushes to wake Daniel up ; resulting in Daniel slumped on the floor ; groaning.

"You should NEVER make Keith wake me up ever again." Daniel says ; massaging his shoulder as he stands up.

I grin . I step into the bathroom and lock the door. I strip and take a quick hot shower. I step out of the shower - peeking out before that to make sure the boys have gone out - and walk into my closet room.

I wear a black-grey sweater and black denim jeans . I pack a pair of t-shirts and high-waisted shorts and a pair of Vans into my backpack. 

I put on my beanie and boots before dragging the luggage out into the hallway.

I bumped into someone. "Sorry." Zack says ; helping me up . "I'll help you with that." Zack says ; picking up my luggage in his right hand and his own luggage in his left.

I follow him downstairs where the others are waiting.

"So you got everything ?" Dad asks . We all nod . "Okay then , let's go." Dad says.

We all followed him outside into the freezing weather. I shiver . I had forgotten my snow scarf.

"You're shivering . Here." Keith says ; taking out his own snow scarf and wrapping it around my neck. "Thanks , Keith." i say . He smiles .

I climb into the car while they heave up the luggage into the back of the car.

When they're done , they climb into the car. We have to squeeze to fit.

We start to drive away ; excited chatters piercing the freezing morning mist.

We finally arrive at the school , twenty or so people already there ; sitting on the stairs in front of the entrance.

"Have fun guys!" Dad says . I kiss him on the cheek and follow the boys outside.

We heave up our luggage and climb up the school steps. 

"Vic!" a voice calls out . I turn and see Cara beaming up at me as she heaves her luggage bag. Lewis helps her with it - she blushes - and comes up to me.

"It's freezing." Cara says ; breathing into her palms.

We wait for a few minutes. "Where's the bus where's the bus where's the bus." Lewis says over and over again.

Finally the buses arrives. We heave our luggage up into the luggage section and climb into the bus as quickly as we can. 

I sit with Cara and Zack and Lewis in front . Daniel and Keith behind us.

The other students file in to the bus . One of the girls fell down . Zack quickly helps her up ."You okay ?" he asks . The girl smiles and nods. 

Something inside me twists . I look away and stare out into the streets. The bus starts to move. 

It takes half an hour to reach the airport so i take out To Kill A Mockingbird ; a gift from Keith for my birthday last month.

"Reading that book , i see." Keith says ; hovering over me. I grin . I pat his cheek . "You're blocking my light love." i say . 

"Kiss my cheek and i won't block your light." Keith says ; winking at me . I roll my eyes. "Really , Keith ?" i say but kissed him anyway. 

He chuckles and sit on his seat.

Cara plucks out one of her earphones and leans to whisper.

"I think Zack's jealous." Cara says . I smirk. "Cara , that won't ever happen okay." i say and continue on reading the book.

She sighs and leans back onto her seat.

After a while , we finally arrive at the airport . Keith , Daniel and Lewis fetches the trolley and we heave up our luggage onto them.

We follow our teachers into the airport ; Keith and Lewis messing around.

"Okay guys , we're going to Hawaii because we're going to experience tropical islands and weather . But that's all boring stuff . We just wanna have fun , don't we ?" Mr.Frederick says ; grinning.

We whoop and cheer . Mr.Frederick is our geography teacher but he's the coolest.





"A11, A11." I mutter under my breath as i walk down the aisle. I finally reach my seat . I see Zack sitting  on the seat by the window.

"Hey." i say . He looks up and smiles . I sit down beside him . I hear his heavy breaths and see his hands fiddling nervously.

"Are you okay ?" i ask him. "I'm scared of heights but i want to be over it. I really do." Zack says .

The airplane starts to move. "You'll be fine." i say ; giving him a smile of encouragement.

The airplane start to move faster and shake harder. Zack bites his lips and his hand finds mine . He holds on to my hand tightly.

I stare at our intertwined hands and somehow everything is silent and nothing is moving.

"I'm scared." Zack says ; his brown eyes staring down into mine. "You'll be okay i promise. Close your eyes." i say . He did.

When the airplane is safely up in the air and had stopped shaking, Zack calmed down a bit . But he didn't let go of my hand.

I love the feel of his hand in mine. It fits perfectly. But then again , he won't like me. He holds my hand because he's scared that's all..

I sigh and put on my earphones with one hand. I look around and see the others either at the back talking and laughing or at the front sleeping, their heads bobbing.

I see Cara laughing around with Lewis. Keith is staring at me. I smile at him but he didn't return the smile . I frown and turn back to the front.

Is he mad at me ? What did i do ?




I haven't realized i have fallen asleep until i hear Zack whispering into my ear . "Wake up ,love. We're here." He whisper.

I yawn and open my eyes. I realize that i had fallen asleep on Zack's shoulder.

"Sorry , did i drool on you ?" i ask ; biting my lip. Zack laughs . "I wouldn't mind if you even did." he says . I smirk.

We stand up and take our hand luggage from the section above our seats.

We walk out of the plane into the airport . "Meet us here when you guys have changed." Lewis says . Cara and I nod and we walk to the washroom.

"I can't believe we're here !" Cara says ; literally jumping around in the washroom . We got weird looks from the other people in the washroom. 

I smile and laugh . "Me too." i say ; getting into a stall. I change into a blood red t-shirt tucked into my beige high-waist shorts and slip out of my boots into my black Vans.

I braid my hair to the side and go out of the stall. Cara is already done. She's wearing a yellow summer dress that glows against her skin and she had put her hair up in a loose bun.

"Come on." she says ; beaming . We go out of the washroom and go back to the place where  Lewis say we would meet up .

I already see the boys gathering around. Cara and I jog up to them . "So we're all here. Let's go get out bags." Lewis says . We go to the baggage claim section and wait as our luggage arrives one by one.

We go out of the airport and the warm wind hits us . "Ahh this is the life." Zack says . Keith sneezes.

"You okay , Keith ?" i ask ; walking slower than the others . Keith smiles at me. "My body system just had a shock at the sudden change of temperature." he says . 

I search his eyes for a hint of what had happened on the airplane. But there's none. I smile.






I love her smile . But what had i felt on the plane ? Why had i not return her smile when she willingly gave me one?

Is it possible that i'm jealous of a lad that i've always been best friends with just because a girl  - who i possibly like - sits beside him ?

I think it is possible.. For her to like me ? I hope so.

I follow Victoire towards the bus . I look up and see Zack frowning at me in jealousy . 

But then again , she might not..

I will never have a chance against Zack.








I frown as i stare at Keith who is following Victoire . Keith looks up and makes eye contact with me . He looks away as he climbs up to the bus. 
I stare as Victoire beams at Cara and sits beside her in front.

"Zack ?" a hand waves in front of my face . I blink and look to my left . Daniel is giving me an eager look.

"What ?" i ask; glaring at him . "There is no need to be so emotional dude." Daniel says ; hurt in his voice .

"I'm sorry ," i say . "I'm just tired." i lie.

He purses his lips and leans back into his seat.






I have a feeling Zack and Keith like Victoire . Oh how will i tell them ? This is so complicated .

I see Zack staring at Victoire beside me . "Zack ?" i wave a hand in front of his face ; jealousy boiling in the pit of my stomach.

"What ?" he snaps ; glaring at me . "There is no need to be so emotional dude."I say ; hurt by his words.
"I'm sorry ." he says . "I'm just tired." he sighs.

I pursed my lips and lean back into my seat.

How can i survive this without ruining all our friendship we had since we were born ?

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