Summertime Paradise (Show Me Love Sequel) 1D FANFICTION BOOK 2

Victoire Jane Styles has grown up to be an eighteen year old teenage girl. She has to deal with bullies with her five best friends by her side; Cara Villegas,Zack Malik, Keith Horan,Daniel Payne and Lewis Tomlinson. They go on a trip to Hawaii,much to their delight; thinking of tans, beach balls and surfing. But what they don't know is that it is just a beginning of a series of dramas.


6. Sticks And Stones




"Lewis wait , please!" Cara says . I pace quicker . Why did she kiss Zack and cheated on me ? If she didn't love me , then she should let me know.

"Lewis , i love you ! And i mean it when i say it." Cara says . I stop in my tracks .

"Why did you cheat on me then ?" i shout ; my stomach boiling with anger.

Cara's eyes are tear-stricken and she looks tired and pale . I ignore the impulse to ask her what was wrong and if she was okay and instead , i scowl.

"WHY ?" I yell ; tears streaming down my face for the girl standing in front of me.

"If you didn't love me from the first place , you shouldn't tell everyone i'm your boyfriend and go prancing around kissing other guys! Because maybe i've loved you for real!" i yell and walk into the chalet and slam the door behind me.






"But i do love you Lewis." i whisper ; sobbing . After a while , i stand up and force myself to walk.

I've lost the person i've loved the most . It's all my fault , i should have shove Zack away . Why didn't i ?

I walk into my chalet and see Victoire sitting at the foot of her bed with her face in her hands.

"Vic." i choked. Victoire looks up and gives me what seems like a hateful glare. "What ?" she snaps.

"Wh-why are you mad at me ?" i ask . Why do everyone hate me ? First , Lewis, now her ? The one i needed most at times like these ?

"I saw you kissing Zack." Victoire snaps . I blink . "Is that all you're mad at me for ?" i exclaim.

"HE STOLE A KISS OKAY ? AND HE WAS TOO STRONG FOR ME TO SHOVE AWAY ." I yell. I can't take it anymore.


Angry tears stream down my face. "You think i cheated on him didn't you ? I did not! You think i WANT to kiss Zack ? I LOVE LEWIS AND THAT'S THAT . And why are you so jealous ? Don't you have Keith ?" i snap at her and turn to walk out of the chalet.

I walk along the seashore , my tears dried up and all i'm feeling is the horrible emptiness churning inside me.

I've lost Lewis , and i've lost a friend . I feel so tired . I look out to the sea and wonder if it'd take long to drown and die.

I start feeling woozy and the last thing i see is the moon shining bright before i fall into darkness...






I walk along the dark seashore at the secluded section . Stupid , stupid! my head chants . I grit my teeth and shake that away .

I remember Victoire's shocked face and smile ruefully . Serves her right. Wait , why am i saying this ?

I hit my head and groan as i remember Lewis and Cara.

Why the hell did i do that ?! I've ruined them. This is all my fault . I shouldn't've bring Cara into my problems.

I love Victoire and i just wanted to make her jealous . Thank goodness we're leaving for London the day after tomorrow. 

I look around and blink rapidly . Why is my eyesight worsening ?

My heart races as a second of darkness attacks me and leaves.  One thing i hate , is darkness.

I turn back towards the chalet and jog. As soon as i reach the chalet , i stagger up the steps and walk into the dark chalet . Daniel hasn't come back to the chalet yet.

I turn on every light and plop down onto the bed . I hope my eyesight wasn't because...

I laugh at something Leesa says . Daniel , Keith and Lewis were surfing . 

The wind blows something into my eyes and i cringe and covers my eyes with my hands.

"Are you okay Zack ?" Leesa asks ; trying to pry away my hands from my eyes. "I- i think so." i lie . Pain stabs at my eyeballs.

"You're not okay ."Leesa says ; concern flooding her expression and voice. She pries away my hands and look into my eyes.

"It's red .I'll bring you to the doctor. I know where the nearest clinic is." Leesa says.

I didn't object and follow her to her car . We drove away to the clinic and waited for our turn.

"I'll wait here."Leesa says ; giving me a reassuring smile . I smile at her and walk into the doctor's office.

"How may i help you ?" a man around his thirties say ; looking up from his many paperwork.

"My eyes . The sand flew into my eyes and it hurts badly." i say ; sitting down across the doctor.

"We've had people coming in for that every year. It won't be any big problem." the doctor says ; smiling .

Nevertheless , he walks round the table and checks my eyes.

His eyes turn from relaxation into tense. My heart races . Will i be blind after this ?

When he finished , his face turn thoughtful.

"Your eyes are infected and you developed Glaucoma.You need to get treatments daily." the doctor says . "But i don't live here." i say .

"I can see that . But be sure to visit the doctor for treatments once you get home ."the doctor says . "But for now , i'll give you medicine and prescription." the doctor says.

I stand and walk out of the office . My eyes feel better , but it might be temporary.

Leesa stands up as soon as she saw me. "What did the doctor say ?" Leesa asks. 

"Just a simple eye irritation." i lie ; giving Leesa my best smile. She smiles all too easily ; deceived.


I jump as someone walks into the chalet. I see Daniel carrying Cara . "What happened ?" i shoot.

"I was walking by the seashore with Faye and we saw her falling unconscious. Faye went to get the first aid kit." Daniel says ; putting her down on his bed. 

I feel her forehead and it is hot. "She's having a fever." i say ; my head messing up. 

I'm worried. Is it because of me ? I feel so bad..

I remember when we were little and Cara falls into a very hot fever because she was tensed about something . She easily falls sick because of tension and pressure.

Someone walks into the room. We look up to see Faye panting as she holds up a first aid kit box.

"Move over . I'll check her." she says . We scoot away to give her space and she takes out the  digital thermometer and gently puts it in Cara's mouth.

It goes up until it reaches 45 degrees . "Oh no." Faye says. Daniel stands up and goes into the toilet.

He comes back with a wet cloth and puts it down onto Cara's forehead and tucks her into bed.

"Well , i'll go back home now. Just have her eat the fever pills once she comes round. Hope she'll be okay."Faye says ; real concern flashing on her face.

"Thanks Faye."Daniel says ; hugging her. She smiles and nods to me before trotting out of our chalet.

"I ruined them."i say ; covering my face with my hands. 

"What ?"

"I ruined Cara and Lewis . I kissed Cara when i know i shouldn't. Victoire saw us and probably gave Cara the cold shoulder treatment. This is all my fault." i say .

"Yes , it is your fault. You shouldn't've done that. Fix it now because it won't be fixing itself." Daniel say .

We sit in silence. "Well , you should get to sleep."Daniel says ; sitting beside Cara and falling asleep on her arm. I sigh and climb into my bed and cover my whole body with the blanket.

This is not good.









I wake up and stretch my arms and yawn . I feel tired . I rub my eyes that are hurt from the sobbing last night.

I even rejected Keith's call . 

I sit up on my bed and look to my right in a glare . But no one is sleeping on the bed. 

Where is Cara ?

Part of me just wants to forgive her and have her a friend like before and part of me is relieved she wasn't here because i think i might just scream at her.

I finally got off from the bed and take a quick shower .I slip into my summer dress and put my hair up into a ponytail.

I am tucking in my bed when i hear a knock on the door. I stand up and open the door to see Keith wearing a worried expression.

"Ohh i thought you were sick . Why didn't you pick up the phone when i called you like a million times ?" Keith says ; pulling me into embrace.

"Sorry i was just tired. We need to talk." i say ; dragging him to the bed.

We sit on the edge of the bed and he turns toward me.

"What's up ?" he asks. I hesitate. "I-i saw Zack kissing Cara." i say and look away ; hiding the angry tears threatening to flow.

"What ?" Keith exclaims. "She cheated on Lewis! I thought she liked Lewis. I knew something happened." Keith says . I stare at him.

Something inside me churns . What if Keith likes Cara instead of me ?

"Why did Zack do that though ?" i say ; my voice shaking . Keith didn't notice it. He shrugs.

"Do you know what this means ? Our long-lasting friendship is going to crumble." Keith says ; covering his face with his hands.

"I can't say that it won't but whatever that's going to happen , is happening." i say ; taking his hand in mine.

I stare at his blue eyes ; wanting to forget the world.

Keith looks away and we sigh. "Let's go." Keith says and we stand . We walk out of the chalet hand in hand .

"Where are the others ?" i ask ; looking around . We decided to go to Keith's chalet to see if they gathered up there.

Keith opens the door , hesitate and turn towards me ."I have to warn you though , it's a bit messed up in there." he says .

He opens the door wide and the sight is horrible . The room is messed up. Clothes , lamp , toiletries, blanket , pillows , glasses are all scattered here and there.

Lewis is seen lying on the bed with liquor held in his hands . Lewis looks up , eyes tired and drunk.

"Ohh , hello there love." he slurs . I frown and walk up to him . "You're not supposed to drink liquor or any alcoholic drink for that matter . You're underaged!"  i exclaim ; grabbing the bottle and throwing it away into the rubbish bin.

"Oh , is it illegal here ? I don't remember anyone saying it's illegal." Lewis slurs ; giving me an obnoxious crooked smile.

I turn towards Keith and scowl . "Why didn't you stop him from drinking ?" i say , almost shouting.

"I tried okay ! He punched me ." Keith says . That's when i noticed a bruise between Keith's cheekbone and neckbone.

I sighed and grabbed Lewis's arm and drag him to his bed . "You should get some rest." i mutter and tuck him into bed.

As soon as his head plops down to the pillow , he falls asleep . I start cleaning up the mess of a room and Keith joins a second later.

When we are finished , we tried calling the others but none of them picked up .

We have a few more days to spend and everything is just falling apart.

We decided to go down to the beach and just hang out there while he surfs.

I stare without seeing , deep in thought.

What's going to happen between us ?




Cara's P.O.V :



I wake up from the wet feeling on my arm . I squint and my eyes focused . My head throbs on and on . I groan.

I look beside me and see Daniel sleeping on my arm . "Dan." i mutter and groan as my head throbs more.

I hate it when i get a tension fever . I rub my throbbing neck and sit up.

Daniel shoots up and looks up at me and then at my arm . "Sorry did i drool on you ?" Daniel asks ; a sheepish look on his face . I smile , though it feels tensed.

"It's fine ." i say ; wiping it on my shirt . "Oh are you awake now ?" a familiar voice say to my left. I look up and see Zack leaning on his elbow on the bed .

"What do you care." i snap and look away. 

"Look , i'm sorry okay ." he says ; putting a hand on my arm . I shove it away . "Sorry for ruining Lewis and me ? Oh and practically have Victoire ignore me and snap at me the whole time ? Yeah you should be!" i say ; angry tears streaming down my face.

"Cara.." Daniel says ; laying a hand on my shoulder. 

My head throbs again and again but i ignored it . "Why me ?" i whisper .

"I'm sorry okay ?" Zack says ; sorry flashing in his voice as he embraces me and buries his face against my neck .

"I promise , i'll make it all okay , just like how it was before in the first place. I swear." Zack says ; his body rocking against mine as he sobs .

"You better do." i say.


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