Summertime Paradise (Show Me Love Sequel) 1D FANFICTION BOOK 2

Victoire Jane Styles has grown up to be an eighteen year old teenage girl. She has to deal with bullies with her five best friends by her side; Cara Villegas,Zack Malik, Keith Horan,Daniel Payne and Lewis Tomlinson. They go on a trip to Hawaii,much to their delight; thinking of tans, beach balls and surfing. But what they don't know is that it is just a beginning of a series of dramas.


9. See The World





I look around . Vic , Lewis, Cara , Daniel and Keith were gathered around the bonfire at our backyard . We had already arrived at London a week ago and nothing's change . 

Cara and Lewis were still not talking to each other . Nor does Victoire and I . 

I stare at her face ; illuminated by the firelight , engrossed in what Keith is talking about . 

She smiled over something Keith said . 

I looked away - my heart felt broken - and caught Cara looking at me . She looked at me with a knowing look . I look away . 

"So now that everyone's here , let's sing !" said Uncle Harry ; appearing with Uncle Niall and Dad . Uncle Niall was holding a guitar . 

So we did . I meant , sing songs .

I stared at how happy Victoire was ; laughing away with Keith between songs . 

Two hours later - it was already midnight by the time - after eating marshmallows and singing songs , we all decided to hit the sacks .


So Uncle Harry brought us all home . I climbed off the car and waved to them . Cara's house was just a few houses away so she climbed off with me . 

We watched them drive away until they went out of sight. 

I turned towards my house and was just about to open the door when Cara grabbed my wrist and turned me around with remarkable strength . 

"Come on . We need to talk." said Cara ; dragging me along to the playground . We sat on the swings and stared up at the shining stars . 

We let the silence consume us for a while ; an owl hooting nearby from the woods .

The moonlight illuminates us as the lamppost at the park had burnt out . I felt Cara shiver in both coldness and fear beside me . 


"So , what was it you wanted to talk to me about ?" i said ; breaking the silence . She fidgeted . "I know you like Victoire." said Cara . 

Something inside me snapped and my heart went to my throat .

"So ?" i said ; feeling myself going red . I knew this was coming yet i still blushed .

"So what are you going to do ?" she said . 

"What couli do ? She liked Keith and she hated me." i said and buried my face against my hands .

"There's nothing you could do . But i know for a fact that she liked you more than Keith . I could see it in her eyes . She's , well , jealous ,Za-." Cara started .

"You only said that because you wanted me to feel better ! You're telling me lies!" i snapped . A glint of hurt appeared in her beautiful eyes .

"I'm sorry i just-" i started but she already embraced me . "Zack , you're like a brother to me , okay ? When the time comes , it will happen , i know it ." she whispered . 

Then she let go of me . I wished she hadn't . Her hug felt good and it's been a long time since anyone's hugged me .

"Thank you Cara." i said and hugged her again . This time we didn't let go for a long time . 

But we did , anyway . 


"Come on . Walk me home , i don't want to have a date with ghosts." she said and smiled . I smirked . I took her hand , just because she's feeling scared .

We walked along the houses and finally arrived at hers . "Well , goodnight . Don't let the bed bugs bite ." she teased and grinned . I smiled .

"For helping me and for being a good friend and sister." i said and kissed her full on the mouth . She kissed me back . It was just a friendly kiss but it was a kiss nevertheless .

I felt something wet drop onto my cheek . "Are you crying ?" i said between kisses . "No , it's raining ." Cara said and kissed me continuously . 

"Well , you better go back home before you get drenched ,love." she said and handed me an umbrella . "Thank you." i said and hugged her one last time before jogging back to my house.

I ran into my house to avoid the heavy downpour and lock the door . I ruffle my hair to get the water out and looked up . The house was already dark and i could hear Dad and Mom's loud snores from upstairs . 

I switched on the lights and got blinded by it and soon my eyes were plunged into total darkness . I stumbled over a table and groped around for the couch . 

I climbed onto the couch and groaned . I was in pain . I had stubbed my toe on the table and hurt my kneecap . Now i was totally blinded , for no absolute reason .

I sob with dry tears ; afraid of the darkness , temporary or permanent . I lie there on the couch , in total darkness , hoping that it wasn't permanent . 

I hated darkness . I always have . 

But still it engulfed me , hated or not .







"Zack . Zack wake up ." i heard a voice say . I let my eyes closed for a while more , afraid if i open it , i would still be blind . 

I slowly open my eyes and let out a sigh of relief when i find that i can see . Dad watched me incredulously .

"You okay son ?" he asked . I hesitate . I shook my head as i sat up on the couch . Mom was watching me from the counter at the kitchen ; chopping vegetables and throwing them into the cooking pot .

"What's wrong ?" he asked and ruffled my already messed up hair . "I've eye infection ." i said slowly . "Now , at random times , i would always turn blind temporarily ." i continued .

Dad blinked . "Come on , i'm bringing you to the clinic." he said and slipped into his leather jacket . I grabbed mine and we went out into the cold . 

He climbed into the car and turned on the heater . I shut the passenger door once i got in and sighed .

"Since how long has this been going on ?" said Dad as he reversed the car and constantly looking at the rear mirror for any passing cars . 

"Since Hawaii . Sand got into my eyes so my friend brought me to the local clinic . The doctor told me i had a bad eye infection and it infected the interior of my cornea so i have to take a surgery . I said no because i couldn't . He said i only had a 30% chance of surviving." i explained and my body shuddered.

Dad was silent after that . After a while , he said ,"I'll donate my eyes for you." he said . 

"No Dad , you hated darkness more than i do and you don't deserve to be blind okay ? I mean , what if i've gone to college and Mom's gone ?" i said . 

"Well , Louis or any of the others can take care of me." he argued . I shook my head . "No Dad." I said firmly .

He gave up after that . We finally got to the clinic and waited for our turn . When it finally was our turn , we walked in to the doctor's room . 

I loathed what was coming .









Victoire , Daniel , Keith and I were in the car , parked in front of Lewis's front yard . 

"I'll go tell him." i said after a short silence . We just received news that Zack's been warded because he had eye infection and was waiting for an eye donor .

They nod and shot each other a worried look because they're probably scared Lewis and I will argue .

I climbed out of the car and jogged up to his house . I knocked on the door and waited .

Uncle Louis came to the door and beamed at me . "We want to see Lewis and go visit Zack." i said and gave him a worried smile .

"Sure , come in . We'll be visiting him after we finished showering our baby toddler , which is taking forever." he rant . I laughed . The toddler , Jean , trots up at me and grinned . Aunt Eleanor jogged after her ; covered in bubbles and foam .

"Sorry , she's being very hyper and she hated showers." said Aunt Eleanor . I laughed and handed Jean to her . 

"Lewis is upstairs." Uncle Louis said before he followed Aunt and Jean back to the bathroom.

I went upstairs and paced to his bedroom where loud music was booming . I opened the door slowly and closed the door behind me .

I saw Lewis reading a book on the bed . He didn't notice me come in . 

I walked up to him and sat on the edge of the bed . He jumped and looked up at me . He closed the book and turned off the boombox .

"Hi." i choked . "I'm sorry okay ? Please stop-" i started . Suddenly he hugged me and sobbed .

"I can't take it . I miss you." he said ; his body shuddering. "I miss you too ." i said ; sobbing as i buried my face against his neck .

We stayed like that for a while until i pulled away . "Come on . We have to visit Zack." i said . 

"Visit Zack ?" he said . "He got warded because he had eye infection ."i explained and went off of the bed . 

"What ?" he gasped . Before i know it , he was dragging me downstairs and out of the house . 

I saw Victoire and the others let out a relieved sigh . We climbed into the car . 

They all turned to look at us in confusion . "Well , come on , we have a friend to visit!" Lewis said .

They all turned to look away and Daniel started driving . He hadn't had his driving license yet but he knew the basics.

I sneaked a look with Lewis and we grinned . He held my hand the whole way to the hospital .






I went back to the hospital to visit Zack from day to day and to keep him company . The others weren't here .

I sat down beside the bed . "Hey Zack.'' i greeted him . He turned towards me even though he couldn't see because a bandage has been wrapped around his eyes and head.

"Oh hey." he said .

"Are you getting used to the dark?" i asked and leaned my cheek on his arm.

"No , but it's much more bearable when you're here by my side." he said . I smiled . 

"Read for me that book again." he said . So i took out Tales of Beedle The Bard since we really loved Harry Potter .

I started reading , sometimes sneaking looks at his happy and calm expression . 

Then someone came in . I looked up and saw Keith smiling . "Hey Zack." he greeted . Zack tensed for a slight second .

"Sorry for interrupting . I need to talk to Vic for a second and then i'll leave you guys." Keith said . 

I followed Keith outside and stood in the hallway . "What's up ?" i smiled at him .

"I saw how you look at Zack." he said and grinned through his pain . "Keith-" i started . 

"No it's fine . You love him more than you love me . I want you to be happy okay ?" Keith said and hugged me .

"I'm letting you go." Keith said and a tear rolled down his cheek . "Ah , i didn't see that coming." he said and winked at me . 

Tears rolled down my cheek because my heart felt broken . I had just broken Keith's carefree heart .

"Now , don't cry . You're happy now ." he said and wiped away my tears . "I'm sorry." i whispered . 

"Shh . There's nothing to be sorry of . Life goes on." he said and smiled . "Goodbye." he whispered and hugged me for one last time . 

He winked at me before he walked away . I took a deep breath and controlled myself . 

I went back into the room . I don't know how to tell Zack what had happened ...





"So you're okay with it ?" i asked Dad uncertainly during dinner that night . 

He put down his fork and looked across the table right at me . "Are you sure you're not going to regret it ?" he asked . 

I leaned against my chair and meant it when i said ,"I will not regret this." 

He smiled . "I'm proud of you." he said . I smile .








"Are you sure you're going to do it ?" i said to Victoire . We were all at the hospital and now Victoire's warded . 

"I'm already here , am i not ?" she smiled . We all shoot each other worried looks . 

"We'll be here for you ." Keith said . Daniel , Lewis and I nod . The doctor had already come in with the surgeons . 

"Okay , we're going to start the surgery now. If you may leave." Doctor Ruff said . We nod . I hugged Victoire one last time and wished her luck before following the boys out of the room . 

Good luck , Victoire . You'll never see the world again , but the world revolves around your big heart . 









Hey guys ! I updated just for you okay . Hahaha after this it will be on hold (: Hope you guys enjoy . 

What do you think'll happen after this ? Comment below ! xoxo







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