Summertime Paradise (Show Me Love Sequel) 1D FANFICTION BOOK 2

Victoire Jane Styles has grown up to be an eighteen year old teenage girl. She has to deal with bullies with her five best friends by her side; Cara Villegas,Zack Malik, Keith Horan,Daniel Payne and Lewis Tomlinson. They go on a trip to Hawaii,much to their delight; thinking of tans, beach balls and surfing. But what they don't know is that it is just a beginning of a series of dramas.


1. Protectors

I hear the horn of a car . I grin . I stand up , grab my bag and kiss Dad on the cheeks.

"Have fun at achool,love."Dad says,grinning . "I wish." i say and wave to him as i go outside.

"VICKY!!"A unison of voices greets me . "Don't EVER call me that,lads." i say as i climb into the CRZ.

"Hey Uncle Zayn." i greet him . He nods to me from the front of the car and we start to drive away. I see Keith hunched over a bag of junk food. I raise an eyebrow and say,"Didn't you had breakfast at home, Keith?" i ask.

He grins. "I will never get enough food." he runs a hand through his dirty blonde hair. "Look, Zack just got a tattoo of a raven on his collarbone."Lewis says.

We all scoot over closer to see. Zack blushes, despite his naturally tanned skin.
He tries to cover his tat with the collar of his shirt. The boys wrestle him and pin his arms against the chair .

"Let go of me!Victoire help!" he says . I smirk. When Zack gives up, i step in front of him and pull down his collar slightly . A raven with its wings outstretched is revealed. Despite myself, i run my finger along his collarbone.

The boys are quiet ;examining the tat with curiosity. "You just got your first tattoo." Keith states ; pulling me back to reality. I put my hand away and the boys let go of him.

Zack recomposed himself and grins; revealing his perfect teeth. He is dark and lean , with dark hair and dark eyes. "Okay guys, we're here." Uncle Zayn says. We scramble out of the car -i hesitate for a second, Daniel had to pull me along- and stand on the pavement.

"Don't cause any trouble!" Uncle Zayn calls out as we walk together toward the school. I put my hair up in a ponytail . Keith comes up to me and pulls out my hairband, letting my hair down like before. He leans in and whisper,"You look better with your hair down,babe." he slips his arm around my shoulder.

"Vic!" a voice calls out . We look toward the source of the sound and see Cara beaming up at us. "See you later then, V." Keith says ; letting go of me and running up to the boys.

"Cara,hey." i say; smiling as i hugged her. Cara has long strawberry hair and bright blue eyes. "Lewis is so cute like oh my God!" she says ; giggling.

I roll my eyes and smirk. "I know, you said that a hundred times." i say. Cara grins. It is mid-term and winter had just begun . It is good the school has automatic heaters. "So, first period ,......." Cara launches into a review of the subjects abd which period it is on.

I block her out as i unlock my locker and stuffs my books and bag inside. We walk to class and suffered through a boring introduction and recitation of History, where the teacher is so focused on reading out loud and wanting the class to be over that he did not notice when students throw paper airplanes or fall asleep.

When the class is over, we move on to our next class and finally recess . "Ugh, how i wish that blizzard goes on for another two weeks." Lewis groans as we catch up to them at the Cafè. "But it didn't so suck it up and absorb the education okay?" Daniel says; leaning against the chair.

We all shoot him a look. He bites his lip and mutters," It's not my fault i turn out to sound more like a nerd everyday." and focus on eating his apple. "So are you guys going to the trip to Hawaii?" Cara asks; biting her apple pie. We all stopped drinking and dropped our food to the table, with the exception of Keith who still munches on a bar of chocolate, and stare at her blankly.

She face-palms. "Shoot, i forget to tell you guys, didn't i?" she groans. She launches into an explanation about the school trip to Hawaii. When she finishes , we grin at each other. "I am SO going." i say, automatically thinking of surfboards and waves and sunsets and--

Something wet spills onto my head. I gasp. The boys stand and hover over me ;snarling over the wrongdoer like a pack of wolves. I turn and see Tyana smirking , her face caked with makeup like always. "Lay a finger on me, you'd be charge with abusing a weaker girl." she says ; crossing her arms.

I stand , glare at her and splat her face with my half-eaten apple pie . "Sorry not sorry. Your face is already too caked anyway." i say and walk away with the boys and Cara trailing behind me. "You momless slut!"she shrieks. I stop; my heartbeat pounding in my ears and tears flooding my eyes. "I got you now didn't I?" she calls out ;cackling .

"Don't-" Zack starts. I turn ,storm through the cafe and grab a handful of Tyana's hair. She shrieks. Someone slips his arms around me and pulls me away from Tyana.

"What on earth are you girls doing?!" a stern voice booms. We froze. "She started it!" Tyana and I both say at the same time, pointing at each other.

"I don't care who started it! Both of you , to my office, NOW!"Mr.Jenks booms. I'm doomed. Mr.Jenks demands Zack and Keith to guard us , in case we started to fight again. We trailed behind Mr.Jenks.

I notice his striped shirt pulled up, caused by his overplumpness, and a flowery top of undies can be seen . I bite my lip to prevent myself from laughing. This is not the time to laugh, Victoire. We go down the hallway and walk into Mr.Jenks's office.

"Thank you Mr.Malik and Mr.Horan . You're dismissed." he says.

Zack and Keith shot me a look of encouragement. They walk out of the office . I know for a fact that they would wait for me outside the office. 
"She-" Tyana starts. "Shut UP!" Mr.Jenks booms ; massaging the bridge of his nose in frustration. "The students told me that you,Tyana, provoked Victoire here and called her 'momless slut'. You'll get detentions for the rest of the month-" Mr.Jenks say.

"But-"Tyana says. "NO BUTS! You used a vulgar word and seek for trouble!" he booms .
"And you, miss, fought with her-" Mr.Jenks say. "Well i'm not-"i say. "WHY WON'T YOU KIDS UNDERSTAND THE WORD 'SHUT UP' FOT GOD'S SAKE." he yells.

"I'm going to call both of you girls's parents or parent-"his expression softens as he lays eyes on me ."-and inform them of the trouble you both made." Mr.Jenks says.

And then we are dismissed. I pace faster than Tyana to go out of the office and join Keith and Zack ;leaning against the wall. "Did you got into trouble?" Keith asks as we walk to our class together.

"No, just a call to my parents, nothing big. No detentions." i grin.

"That is not fair! I got three week detentions just because i eat food in class!" Keith says. "And then you started a food fight." Zack points out.

"Well, i was just trying to liven things up a bit . That class was boring!" Keith says . We walk to our next class together.

We go into the classroom and join Cara and the boys at a table . "She didn't get into trouble . Just a phone call to her Dad." Keith says before any of the others can shoot questions at me.

We sit down . I squeeze Keith's hand under the table gratefully and the rest of them continued their conversation about Hawaii ; which seems to be the last conversation they had before i interrupted.

I smile as i watch each of my best friends's expressions , thinking ,It's good to have friends by your side and they can become protectors. My protectors.



I climb into the car when school is dismissed ; waving goodbye to the others. Dad and I start to drive away.

"So i received a phone call from your Headmaster." Dad states ; turning on a corner.

"Tyana called me a-,"i start. "I know ! Your Headmaster told me everything." Dad says; ruffling his curly hair.

"Please don't ground me ,Dad!" i beg. "I won't ground you , i promise ." Dad says."It's not your fault anyway. You were provoked." he smiles.

I sigh in relief as i lean my head on his shoulder.

"Dad can i go to the trip to Hawaii with the boys and Cara next week ?" i ask ; hoping he'd say yes. I bite my lip as i wait for his answer. He is going to say no , he is going to say-


"Really ?" i gasp. Dad smiles ; flashing his dimples that i inherited from.

"Yes , you need time out love, so i guess this is it." Dad says ; switching off the engine as we have arrive to our home.

I smile as i climb out of the car . Maybe this isn't going to be so bad after all.

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