Summertime Paradise (Show Me Love Sequel) 1D FANFICTION BOOK 2

Victoire Jane Styles has grown up to be an eighteen year old teenage girl. She has to deal with bullies with her five best friends by her side; Cara Villegas,Zack Malik, Keith Horan,Daniel Payne and Lewis Tomlinson. They go on a trip to Hawaii,much to their delight; thinking of tans, beach balls and surfing. But what they don't know is that it is just a beginning of a series of dramas.


4. Hit The Waves!

"I don't wanna go out !" i say ; frowning at my reflection in the bathroom.

I am wearing a green bikini that sharpens my eyes. I tug on the hem of the top.

I glance at my tattoo of two birds flying towards each other between my breasts and collarbones  not unlike Dad's. I got it with Lewis. The image of the two birds are the first i thought of.

"Aww c'mon." Cara says through the bathroom door. I sigh , tug on the hem of the top and go out of the bathroom.

Cara looks up from her cellphone and her eyes bulge . She drops her phone.

"Stop being dramatic or i won't join you on the tanning spree." i say; scowling. Cara laughs.

"Fine, i will." she says ; picking up her phone and putting it in her beach bag.

I put on a baggy off shoulder t-shirt and put on my beach hat and sunglasses. I pick up my beach bag and go out of our chalet. 

The warm air hits us and already a bead of sweat rolls down my cheek.

We jog down the sandy beach and set out our beach mats and put up our beach umbrellas.

I take out To Kill A Mockingbird and start reading.

Cara lies down under the sun , close her eyes for a minute and opens them back again. She squints through the sunlight towards me.

"Am i tan yet ?" she asks. I survey her from head to toe . Pale. I grin and shake my head.

She sighs and plops back down to the mat.

"You aren't just going to sit there with your nose behind the book , are you ?" a voice whispers close to my ears; sending tingles down my spine.

I turn and find myself nose to nose with Keith ; his blue eyes gleaming and his lips decorated with a grin.

I grin ."Is this wrong ,lad?" i ask him. "Yes. You're in Hawaii! You should be having fun." Keith says ; moving to sit between Cara and I cross-legged.

I smile.






I stare at their close faces together and forced a straight face. This is paining me. I like you Keith.

Everyone knows i like Lewis but Lewis knew i didn't like him because i told him the truth and he keeps it a secret between us.

I honestly truly like Keith. The only reason i lie about my feelings is.......


"Keith!" i call out ; jogging up to Keith along the sidewalk. He is carrying a gift-wrapped box.

"Oh hey Cara!" he says ; grinning . I blush a bit. We were in fourth grade and it was Victoire's birthday.

"Going to Victoire's ?" i ask him . "Totally . I'm not missing her tenth birthday just because i have soccer practice!" he says . I smile. 

"I hope she likes this gift." he says ; staring at the beautifully wrapped box. "What is it ?" i ask him ; curious. I have bought Victoire a dress.

"It's a teddy bear. And guess what ?" Keith asks ; stopping and turning towards me.

"What ?" i say ; grinning , my heart fluttering at the closeness of our bodies. "I'm going to kiss her tonight ! She once said she never had her first kiss so i'm going to be hers! I like her." he says . 

My heart slumped to my throat and breaks to pieces. I was indirectly rejected.

"O-oh. Th-that's good." i force out the words ; though i feel like tearing apart and sobbing and stabbing the ground with a stick .

It was always Victoire this , Victoire that. How have i not notice that ? Now that i thought of it , it was obvious Keith likes Victoire.

And also , that night , Victoire tells me during the birthday sleepover that she had her first kiss and it was Keith. I pretend to be happy for her but i couldn't take it.

I shouldn't let a boy come between our friendship.



"Cara !" i hear a voice vaguely calls out to me.

"Cara love!" my mind comes back to reality and i look up to see Lewis grinning down at me.

"What ?" i ask. "Victoire and Keith had gone to play volleyball. Do you want to join them ?" he asks. 

Only then did i notice the empty beach mat beside me and 'To Kill A Mockingbird' laying forgotten on it. The off shoulder t-shirt Victoire previously wore is hastily stowed in her beach bag.

"No." i say ; hugging my legs to my chest and staring at the sand.

"It's about Keith isn't it ?" Lewis asks ; sitting down beside me.

"Yes." i simply say ; repressing the urge to cry. "Come on." He says ; standing up. I hold out my hand and he takes it and helps me stand up.

We start walking along the beach towards the secluded section .

"You can cry now, i'll be here for you." Lewis says ; taking my hand in his as soon as we are reasonably far until we're only seen as two specks.

So i cry . I let it all out in front of Lewis while he keeps quiet and respect my space. He loves me like a brother would . And i love him like a sister would.

We sit down on one of the huge rocks at the edge of the beach and look out towards the never ending sea.

"I wish i'd never like Keith and like you truly ." i confess. "You'd never put me through hard times like these." i say.

"You're being irrational , love. Keith doesn't know you like him because you keep telling everyone you like me, but you don't. Why Cara ?" Lewis asks ; looking into my eyes , his hazel eyes staring down into mine.

"Because it wouldn't make any difference if i told everyone i like Keith. He'd never like me back. And i'm scared if Victoire likes Keith, and she knows i like him too , we won't be friends anymore." i explain ; letting Lewis wipe away my drying tears.

"Come here." Lewis says ; holding out his arms. I don't hesitate to hug him. It's comforting hugging him , despite the warm temperature around us.

"Remember when we were five year olds ?" Lewis asks me. I scrunched up my forehead to recall the moment.

"No, i've forgotten." i say. "Did you forget that i was your first kiss ?" Lewis says ; grinning. "And you were mine ?" he says. I grin.

"Oh yes." i say . Suddenly he swoop down on me and kiss me full in the lips.

"Maybe you could try to like me instead ." Lewis says ; lying his forehead against mine. I smile.

"Maybe." i whisper and we kiss again ; the waves being our background music.

We pull away and stand up."Anyway , do you want to go to the Beach Dance with me tomorrow night ?" Lewis asks; linking his hand with mine.

"Sure." i grin. Maybe if i like you , Lewis , then there wouldn't be any drama like these in the first place.






"Where'd Cara gone to ?" i say when we get back to the place i left Cara in the first place. I didn't actually leave her abandoned. I ask her if she wanted to go play volleyball a dozen times but she wouldn't answer so i take that as a no.

"I saw her went with Lewis ." Daniel says ; catching up to Keith and I.

I see Zack talking and laughing with two Hawaiian girls. I frown.

"Let's go to the Cafe ." Keith says ; tugging on my arm . Zack turns and looks at me ;frowning. He looks away.

"Let's." i say ; turning away and following Keith and Daniel to the Beach Cafe.

We ordered iced coconut each . Then Zack joins us , followed by Cara and Lewis.

"What were you guys doing ?" Daniel asks ; looking over us to Cara and Lewis.

"Nothing you would want to know." Lewis smoothly says . Cara gave them away by blushing. I smirk.

"Anyway who are you guys taking to the Beach Dance ?" Lewis asks ; sipping his iced coconut.

"I was thinking of taking Cara." Keith says .

"Me ?" Cara says . There's something fishy about this..

"Yeah you." Keith says; grinning. "No , Lewis asked me first , sorry Keith." Cara says ; smiling at Lewis. They both stare at each other .

"Vic , do you want to go with me ?" Keith asks . I glance at Zack who is sipping his coconut indifferently.

"Sure,lad." i say ; grinning.

"Who are you going with ?"  Daniel asks Zack. "Why ? Are you thinking of asking me ?" Zack asks. We guffawed as Daniel blush.

"No , i was just asking. I don't have a partner." Daniel says . I feel sorry for him.

"Well you can go with this girl named Faye i met before. I'm going with her friend Leesa." Zack says . Daniel smiles and shrugs.

"Well , we're going to go hit the waves. You guys wanna join us ?" Lewis asks as Cara and him stand up.

"Sure." we all say.

One thing i know for sure , is that i have never surfed before.






After a thousand laughter and waves later , Cara and I walk back to our chalet ; wet from head to toe.

"I am totally not born to surf." i say ; closing the door when we got in and plop down onto my bed.

"Well , at least you get to stand on the board for a millisecond before falling back into the waves." Cara says ; grinning.

I sigh . I turn to look at her at the next bed. "You like Keith , don't you ?" i ask. Cara's eyes bulged.

"Oh my God , no i don't! You know i like Lewis. I will never like Keith okay?" Cara says ; hugging a pillow to her chest.

Really ?

Is it just me or is my best friend keeping a secret held tight to herself , afraid to trust ?






Was it obvious i like Keith ? But then , i'm starting to like Lewis . I'm torn between the two.

"Well , i'm going to go hit the showers and take a nap before the cruise tonight." Victoire says . I almost forgot about the cruise.

I turn on the bed and close my eyes ; not sleeping and not waking either , just wanting to think.

I've seen Zack and Daniel look at her in a way friends wouldn't but friends who want to be more than friends would.

She had always been the popular one at school and even among us six.

I've always known Keith likes her . Zack and Daniel too. Is it possible that Lewis didn't have any feelings for her like the others do ?

Do you think he meant what he said and meant it when he kissed me ? 

It also breaks me apart when i rejected Keith's invite to the Beach Dance, but i didn't want to leave Lewis, the one who was my first kiss , my best friend , my brother.

So basically , if i put it to a mind's map , it will be like this. 

Zack , Daniel and Keith like Victoire . But i don't know who Victoire likes , it seems like it's Keith  , i guess .

So Zack , Daniel and Keith like Victoire but Victoire likes Keith . I like Keith too. But now i think Lewis likes me. I like Lewis too.

This is all so complicated.

How did i end up in this mess ?






Hello everyone! I updated today because i found out that i'm not free this Saturday as i am going to  Universal Studios Singapore with my brother , his girlfriend , his girlfriend's brothers and my sister. <Wow that is detailed huh ?

Anywho , you guys can vote for Victoire's whether it's :



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