Summertime Paradise (Show Me Love Sequel) 1D FANFICTION BOOK 2

Victoire Jane Styles has grown up to be an eighteen year old teenage girl. She has to deal with bullies with her five best friends by her side; Cara Villegas,Zack Malik, Keith Horan,Daniel Payne and Lewis Tomlinson. They go on a trip to Hawaii,much to their delight; thinking of tans, beach balls and surfing. But what they don't know is that it is just a beginning of a series of dramas.


7. Foes

I spend the day all alone by the beach . I watch Lewis surf . Every time we make so much as an eye contact , he would frown and look away and find a person to engage in a conversation with.

"Still a no go ?" a voice beside me say . I look to my right and see Zack . I frown and look away.

"You should go away." i whisper ;staring at Lewis staring at us.

"I promised you i'll make things right. So i will." he says and stands up . He walks up to Lewis.

He says something and Lewis scowls . Lewis starts to walk away and turn his back on Zack . Zack stops him by grabbing his arm.

Lewis turns and punches Zack in the jaw. I scream and run up to them . "Stop ! Stop!" i say ; going in between them . Daniel and Keith appear and hold them both away.

"Lewis , i'm sorry okay . I love you , not him! Please , i love you." i say ; sobbing . Lewis scowls and shouts," Get out of my sight!" 

"What the hell is your problem ?" Zack shouts. "Her! She's my problem." Lewis say ; his face red from anger and fury . He shakes Keith away and starts to walk away from us.

My body shakes with all the sobs. I look up to Victoire who has just appear. "Serves you right." she says and drags Keith away with her. I feel someone's arms wrapped around me and pulls me away .

I didn't bother to see who it is. The person takes me to the secluded beach Lewis and I had once hang out at in secret.

We sit on the huge rock ; waves furiously slapping the foot of the rocky bay.

"I'm sorry you had to go through this." Faye says . "I'm sorry i have to be alive. I wish i would just die." i say .

"Don't say that!" Faye snaps . There is a moment of silence. Then she sighs. "I'm sorry but just don't say that okay ? It reminds me of my late sister who committed suicide ." she says ; giving a weak tired humorless laugh.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." i whisper . "It's fine. Here. This'll make you feel better.'' and she hands me a bar of chocolate.

"Thank you." i say ; accepting it . We sit there in silence ; nipping on our chocolate bar. 

"You know , this is the place Lewis first told me he loved me." i say .

Faye turns to stare at me without words . Then her eyes travel down to my arms .

"Cara!" she gasps. I turn to look at her . "What ?" i ask . "You cut yourself!" she says ; grabbing my arm and observing my newly cut wrists . I pull it away from her.

"It's none of your concern." i snap; hugging my arms to my chest , tears streaming down my face.

Faye hugs me and i sob against her neck . 

When we all get back to London , we'll never be the same us again..





Victoire's P.O.V :



"Okay guys . We only have one day to go ! So pack your bags because we're going back home tomorrow! Meet me at the lobby sharp at 8 ." Mr.Frederickson say ; grinning to all of us . 

We dismissed . 

"It's not her fault you know." Keith says ; wrapping his arms around my shoulder.

I smirk . I do feel a little guilty though..

"Maybe you're right. " i whisper . "Come on . We have to apologize to her." Keith says . "She's lost enough." he says . 

So i let him drag me to Cara who's talking with Faye by the seashore.

"Cara." i mutter . She jumps and looks up to me . "I need to talk to you . Alone ," i say . "If you don't mind." i add to Faye . She smiles and walk away to Daniel.

"What ? Here to shout at me again ?" she says ; staring at the ground.

I hug her ."I'm sorry ." i whisper . She didn't hesitate from hugging me back . 

"I forgive you." she whispers ; burying her face against my neck the way she always do .

"Great . Now you guys are friends again." Zack has come up to us and hug us both . He glances at me and i try to hide my frown . 

Why does everything have to be so complicated ?



I spend the day with Cara and Keith , sometimes watching people surf , go surf ourselves or trying to corner Lewis so Cara can apologize - which is mission impossible - or just soak up the sun .

Now we are running up to Lewis . We cornered him at last. 

"Leave. Me. Alone." Lewis says ; trying to walk past us . Keith grabs him and shoves him back up front.

"Can you just stop ? Why won't you let her talk for a freaking minute ?" i snap . Lewis turns to stare at me , Keith and then Cara.

"Just freaking leave me alone!" he shouts and shoves through us . Cara sighs and slumps to the sandy beach.

"You know what ? I think i know what to do." Cara says ;smiling . Then she walks away with a new skip in her feet.

Keith and I look at each other ; confused .








"What's your idea?" Vic asks ; hopping on to her bed , making it creak . Keith had gone to get ready for Last Beach - a dance for our last night here in Hawaii - and i already crack up an idea.

So i tell her . Her smile gets bigger and bigger as i explain it . "I'll make Lewis watch you without knowing it." she says ; holding up a black half mask.

I beam . We take a shower in turn and slip into our short dresses.

I put my hair up into my fedora hat and put on my mask .

"Do i look recognizable if you didn't know it's me ?" i ask . Vic smiles . "You look great . And unrecognizable ." she grins .

I smile and we go out . I hug Victoire and we separated  so no one will suspect anything.

The students of our school has already started gathering and the night is full of stars . It's beautiful.

I walk up to Mr.Frederickson . He glance at me and give me a smile . A band goes on and people start dancing . Some of them sits around the campfire and laughing along.

I see Victoire dragging Lewis along by the hand . It's time.

"You ready ?" Mr.Fred says ; handing me the guitar as the band stops their song and people applause.

"As ready as i will ever be." i say ; taking a deep breath as i mount the stage .

"I want to dedicate this to my love." i whisper ; the microphone vibrating .

I start strumming the notes of the intro . I take a deep breath.


You and I,
Two of a mind,
This love's one of a kind.

You and I,
We're drifting over the edge,
And i will fall for you,
And i will fall for you,


Would you fall too ?


I stop and choke ; holding in the tears . I take off my mask and fedora hat and stare at Lewis ; who is frozen in shock.

"I'm sorry , Lewis. I love you. I really do." i say . People disperse to give Lewis some way to the stage.

His face is blank . He looks at the ground and turns , walking away into the crowd .

I shudder ; the tears threatening to flow down my cheek. All hope is lost..

People burst into whispers . They start pointing over my shoulder . I turn and Lewis kisses me right then and there.

A tear strays down my cheek.

People start whooping and cheering over us . "I'm sorry . I'm such a jerk . I love you." Lewis says ; hugging me .

I bury my face into his neck ; shaking with sobs.

"I'll be here for you. I promise." he whispers ; holding me on that stage , under the stars and oblivious to the fact that everyone is cheering .








I smile when i watch Lewis and Cara laughing . At least they're good . Victoire looks at me . I stare at her . 

But we're not . Keith wraps his arm around Victoire and whisper something in her ear . She nods and they walk away ; leaving the group.

Most people had leave back to their chalet to pack for tomorrow and to get some rest .

I sigh and stand up . "See you tomorrow." i say to my friends . Daniel acknowledges me with a smile and continue his conversation with Faye . 

I walk along the beach , passing chalets . My eyes burn ..

I blink and another second of total darkness attacks me . I grit my teeth as my heart races. 

I stagger up the steps of my chalet in on-off blindness and close the door behind me . My heart pounds loudly in my ears and my eyes won't stop blinding itself.

I fall onto my bed .

What is happening to me ?


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