Summertime Paradise (Show Me Love Sequel) 1D FANFICTION BOOK 2

Victoire Jane Styles has grown up to be an eighteen year old teenage girl. She has to deal with bullies with her five best friends by her side; Cara Villegas,Zack Malik, Keith Horan,Daniel Payne and Lewis Tomlinson. They go on a trip to Hawaii,much to their delight; thinking of tans, beach balls and surfing. But what they don't know is that it is just a beginning of a series of dramas.


5. Fire and Rain

We both stand in front of the long mirror ; examining our reflection.

"You look beautiful ." Cara says . I grin. I am wearing an earth brown one-shoulder short dress and my eyes are decorated with gold eyeliner that brings out the golden specks in my green eyes.

Cara, however , is wearing a flowing stunning blue short dress . Both of our hair has been put up to different styles of braid.

Mine is a simple fishtail braid while Cara's is conch shell braid. 

I turn to alter her dress to make it look perfect and stare into her eyes."Lewis will surely like you after this." i say ; smiling.

Cara smiles and hugs me.




Cara's P.O.V :


He already does . I smile and hug her. The only problem is, i like Keith.

We go out of the chalet to the dock where the boys are waiting in front of the cruise ship.

Lewis turns to look at me . He's wearing a smart tuxedo and his face is decorated with a smile.

Lewis and I walk behind the others . We climb up to the ship and walk into the dining area, the first section.

We weren't hungry so we just sit around watching people dance to waltz.

"Victoire, do you want to dance with me ?" Zack asks. Victoire stares at him and nods. They both stand up and walk to the middle of the dance floor.

"Cara, wanna go dance ?" Keith asks me. I feel Lewis's eyes boring down onto the side of my head.

"Sure." i say ; standing up and taking his hand . I turn to look at Lewis thinking he'd be mad. But all he did was give me two thumbs up and a smile.

When we get to the dance floor , i wrap my arms around Keith's neck.

"You look beautiful tonight." Keith says ; smiling down at me , his mischievous blue eyes twinkling .

"Thank you Keith. It's funny you noticed me at all." i say . Keith chuckles. "Who wouldn't notice you ?" Keith says . You , i scream inside my head.

Keith looks over his shoulder at Zack and Victoire. "Gotta go." he says ; taking his arms off of me.

I blink. I watch him walk away with me . Someone links his hand with mine . I turn to look at Lewis ; his eyes mirroring the sadness and torn i feel in me.

"He ditched you , didn't he ?" Lewis asks . A droplet of tear roll down my cheek . "We have to go ." Lewis says ; pulling me with him out of the ballroom . 

We walk along the ship until we reach the front , secluded from people.

Once we're sure no one is looking , i wrap my arms around him and sob against his chest.

"I love you." Lewis says . "I'll be happy for you if you're happy with Keith but you're not. He doesn't deserve you , Cara. I deserve you . I swear i'll never hurt you." Lewis says ; tilting my face so that i'm looking up at him with tears streaming down my face.

"You're beautiful . You shouldn't need those makeup." Lewis says ; wiping my tears away and rubbing off all the makeup i applied before.

He leans in to kiss me. "I swear i'll make you fall in love with me for real." Lewis whispers. 

"I swear i'll make us more than a secret." 

Why am i so stupid ? How did i not see him for who he is when he saw me for who i am and loved me for me ?






"Can i steal her from you Zack ?" another voice says. We turn to see Keith beaming at us .

"Yeah whatever." Zack says and walks away . I stare at him until he's gone. "What's up ?" i say ; turning to Keith.

"Let's go to the front of the ship." Keith says ; taking my hand in his . He walks in front of me . I turn to see over my shoulder . I see Zack laughing and twirling a very beautiful girl in his arms.

The girl kissed his cheek. I blink away the tears and turn to look at the front again.

We walk out of the ballroom and walk along the ship until we reach the front of the deck.

We hear voices and crying. "I think someone's here." Keith says . We hide behind a table and  peek over.

It is Lewis and Cara; embraced. Cara's crying about something . Lewis says something . We move closer quietly and hide behind another table closer to them.

"I swear i'll make us more than a secret." i hear Lewis vaguely say . Why did Cara keep this a secret ?

She had always like Lewis , everyone knows that . But why did she keep it a secret if she already got the guy of her dreams ?

This is confusing me . My eyes bulged when they kiss again .

Then they stop , smile at each other and walk towards our direction hand in hand.

I pull Keith downwards and we hide beneath the table and watch Lewis and Cara walk towards the ballroom without a backwards glance.

"What was that all about ?" Keith breaths ; getting out of the table and helping me out.

"I- i don't know." I say ; unsure of what to make to all of this . "Don't tell anyone about this okay ?" i say . "But-" he starts . I take his face in my hands and scowl.

"Do NOT tell anyone about this , are we clear ? We're not supposed to hear that . Promise me we'll keep it between us until they are ready to tell everyone." i say .

He nods ; his blue eyes shimmering with sincerity . Because i like him , i lean down and kiss him full in the lips.







The next day , i roll over in my bed to look at Cara who is still sleeping soundly with a smile on her face.

"Why do you keep it a secret ?" i whisper . She rolls over and yawns , opening her eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that ?" Cara asks ; raising an eyebrow. I smile and shake my head. 

"Oh yeah , let's go buy a dress for tonight." Cara says ; grinning . I grin and nod . We shower and change into our shorts and tank tops.

I put my hair up in a loose high bun because my hair irritates me in this hot weather . Cara puts hers in a ponytail.

We go out of the chalet , wave to the boys as they jog towards the sea to surf and walk into the hotel lobby . 

I come up to the counter and asks if we can rent a car and a driver . The counter person nods and makes a few calls . 

I paid for the car and driver and we go out of the lobby and climb into the car.

"Where would you like to go to , Misses ?" the driver , a good-nature middle-aged man , says . 

"We'd like to go to a Boutique please." Cara says . The driver nods and says ,"As you wish." 

So we drive along the Hawaiian streets away from our resort-like sanctuary . The car does not have any air conditioning , so we roll down the windows and let the warm wind hits our face.

A few minutes later , the driver drops us off to a Boutique. "What time do i have to take you ?" The driver asks . 

Cara glances at her watch which says 9:30 A.M . "10:15." Cara says ; giving the driver a warm smile.

The driver tips off his hat and drives away. "Oh wow , it's so hot. I hope they have air conditioning in there.'' i say ; putting a hand over my eyes and squint through the sunlight.

"Well , let's find out !" Cara says and we run into the Boutique . My eyes adjust from the sudden darkness and sharpens.

The Boutique is dimly lit but looks grand either way and along the walls are covered with dresses and shirts and cardigans - wait who needs cardigans here in Hawaii ? - and shorts and skirts and everything!

We walk along the aisle and search for the perfect dress for a beach dance . I spot an electric green sleeveless waisted dress and pick it up . It glows my eyes . I grin .

"This is me!" i say ; hugging the dress to my chest . Cara groans . "I still don't find anything that's me." she whines.

I take out a random dress and show it to her . It turns out to be a red floral bohemian strapless maxi dress.

"Do you think it suits me ?" Cara says ; holding the dress against her chest and staring at her mirror . 

Her red hair pretty much suits the dress so i nod . She grins and we both pay for the dresses we picked out . 

We still have ten minutes until the driver comes so we run into the ice cream shoppe beside the Boutique and bought a bucket of ice cream .

By the time we pick out the most delicious ice cream , the driver is already in front of the Boutique . 

We pay for the bucket of ice cream and quickly climb into the car . "Had fun , Misses ?" the driver says . We smile and nod . 

Cara falls asleep between the drive back to our chalet . When we finally arrive , i had to squeeze Cara's nose that results on her having trouble breathing and waking up .

She scowls at me as we walk away from the car . I laugh . "Don't be so mad." i say . 

We meet up with the boys who are soaked from head to toe from surfing and start exploring the island together .

I notice Cara walking at the back of our group with Lewis by her side. After a while , we found a hidden beach and we pore over it .

It's beautiful . It isn't discovered by the hotel management yet but that would be just fine . We played and messed around in the water , splashing water at each other.

I shriek as Zack chases me with a sea slug . The others laugh at us .

"IF YOU BRING THAT THING NEAR ME I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU." I shriek at the top of my lungs . 

I could hear him laughing a very evil laugh which he rarely does except on rare occasions like these or if he's pranking someone , namely ME.

I trip over my own feet and Zack yelps as he falls down onto me , the sea slug thrown away and forgotten . 

I stare up at his big brown eyes tinted with gold flecks . My eyes travel down to his lips . What are you doing , Vic ?!

My heart is beating too fast . "Get off of her." a voice say ; dragging me back to reality . 

Cara and the boys are poring over me . Keith's normally sober blue eyes hardens as they asses Zack and I . 

"Get off of her . She's turning pale." Keith says . Zack blushes and rolls off of me and Keith helps me up .

"You okay ?" Keith says; kissing me . The tension bears down upon us like rocks on slugs.

"Yeah , but i think i touched that sea slug's butt." i say and they all laughed , tears streaming down their faces.

"Butt ?" Lewis says ; clutching his abdomens and laughing uncontrollably . "Slugs don't have b-butts!" Zack says ; laughing along with the others .

I blush a bit but despite the humiliation , at least i made the tension melt away and replace it with stupid laughters . I smile as Keith wraps his hand around mine.

I'm conflicted between the two of them . I'm Keith's girlfriend officially , but i still like Zack.

Cara walks over to Lewis and whisper something to him . Then , they kiss in front of us . 

We stop laughing and our mouths drop at the sight. Cara leans away and blushes a bit as she realize that we are watching them.

"Um , well , let's go." Lewis says ; grabbing her hand . They jog away from us back to the main beach.

"Well , well , well . Love is totally in the air." i say ; glancing at Keith who pretends to be shocked.





I walk up to Lewis and leans in . "We won't be a secret anymore.'' i whisper and kissed him , loving the feel of his shirtless body against mine.

I lean away and notices the others staring at us in shock . I blush . 

"Um , well , let's go ." Lewis says ; grabbing my hand . We jog away from the others towards the main beach .

Lewis is grinning widely . He wraps his arms around me and spins me around . I smile . 

Maybe i could be happy with him , i thought as i kiss his forehead.



At sunset , we walk by the beach hand in hand , talking continuously of everything .

Then it hits me like a ton of bricks . "Oh my God ! The Beach Dance starts on eight o'clock and it's already seven!" i say . Lewis grins and embraces me.

"You can just come to the Beach Dance wearing this , i won't mind ." Lewis says ; laying his forehead on mine . I smile .

"No , a dance is a dance , i'll meet you at 7.55 okay love ?" i say . He nods and kisses me one last time before we go our separate ways  . "Don't wear makeup!" Lewis calls to me . I grin and hold up my hand to signal that i've heard.

I pace up to the chalet and dash into the house to see Keith and Victoire embraced in a kiss . I stand rooted in the doorway . 

My heart is breaking into a million pieces. I should stop . I'm Lewis's girlfriend , i shouldn't be liking anyone else . I force myself to make a smug face. To add to the indifference , i cross my arms and clear my throat.

They jump and break apart . "W-well , see you later tonight." Keith says to Victoire ; pacing out of the room pass me.

Victoire blushes as i close the door. "What the hell was that ?" i say ; forcing myself to what i thought was a believable grin.

"Says you . Who was the one who kissed Lewis on the ship ?" she blurts out . My fake grin fades and i stare at her . 

"What ?" i whisper . Has she heard the conversation i had with Lewis ? Oh my God , i hope not .

"I-i mean , i only heard the part about the secret .I'm sorry , i didn't mean to .I was just walking with Keith-" she babbles . A part of me wanted to scream at her for staying there and eavesdropping and another part of me felt relieved that she didn't find out about pretending to like Lewis but liking Keith instead.

"You know what . It's fine." i choke ; forcing a smile onto my tired face . She lets out a sigh of relief and hugs me .

I stiffen but hugs her back . She hasn't change into her dress yet so we change into our dresses and takes turn doing our hair.

Victoire puts my hair up into a conch shell braid while i did a french braid bun on hers.

Victoire puts eyeliner and a few makeup but i lay off of those things , in a promise to Lewis.

"Just a lip gloss ?" Victoire pleads . I shake my head ; covering my lips with my mouth.

"I promised Lewis i won't wear makeup." i say . She smiles and shrugs . When i'm done with all the adjustments , we walk out of the chalet arm in arm and walk towards the venue .

When we reach it , the tables are already set up beside a Beach Cafe and torches are set up in circles surrounding the venue . It looks grand . 

This is our Prom . Our teachers specifically asked for this venue over viewing the moon .

I see Keith grinning at Victoire and not sparing a look at me . Maybe it's better this way , i thought as i embrace Lewis .

Zack is with Leesa . Leesa is very pretty with her long flowing pale blonde hair and tanned complexion and silver eyes with pink lips.

Daniel is laughing along with Faye . She isn't pretty or beautiful but she's really intriguing . She has a sharp nose that is slightly bulbous , bright blue eyes , soft curly pink hair and thin lips.

Mr.Frederick comes up to the stage with a very huge smile on his face . "So now that everyone is here , we can start the par-tay !" Mr.Frederick says ; going down to meet his colleagues .

A Hawaiian band takes his place and starts playing the music . We sit down to eat first -Victoire had to wait for Keith to finish up- and go to the dance floor to dance.

"You look beautiful tonight." Lewis says ; smiling . "I like you like this more." he says truthfully . I smile and bury my face against his neck as we twirl along to the slow song.

"I love you." i whisper . "I love you too." he says and kiss my forehead.

Maybe this is what happiness feels like .





Keith drags me to a shack and we go into it. "Look at the stars." Keith says ; pointing out of the window . We look up at the starry night sky and keeps quiet.

"I love you." Keith says ; cupping my face in his hands and kissing me for a very long time.

I escape the world in his touch. The door of the shack flies open and laughter gales . The laughter breaks  and we jump apart.

I see Zack and Leesa . "Oh my God , i am so sorry . We didn't mean to barge in." Leesa says ; blushing profusely .

I see Zack's eyes frowning down at us and jealousy boiling at the pit of his usually warm brown eyes that has turned cold.

Why would he be jealous ?  I see their linked hands and frown . Why am I jealous ? 

They walk out . "Let's go out." Keith says and i follow him out of the shack.

Keith kiss me one last time before saying he wants to join the game Daniel and the other schoolmates are playing in one circle.

I walk alone along the seashore. I see two figures in front of me ; illuminated by the moonlight. It must be Lewis and Cara , they never get enough of each other. 

But then , my eyes adjust to the darkness and i see Zack kissing Cara . My eyes bulge and jealousy boils in my stomach .

Why is Cara cheating on Lewis ? But then , she wouldn't. But i hate her , i hate her , i hate her.

They pull away and at the same time turn to the right - my right - and watch something . I hear Cara shout something at Zack before running away . 

Zack's eyes are conflicted . My eyes connect with his and we stare at each other . Then , i couldn't take it anymore. 

I walk away ; concealing the tears threatening to flow uncontrollably.







Lewis had went and gone with Zack to play a game with the other schoolmates . I am walking alone along the seashore , admiring the night and the beauty it comes with.

"Hey." a voice say . It startled me so i squeal and turn around to see Zack grinning up at me.

I smile . "I thought you went to play a game with the others." i say and continue on walking with  him beside me.

"The only game i want is you." he mumbles . I stop in my tracks and turns to him . What .

What did he say ? 

He leans in and kiss me . I'm too shocked to have the common sense to pull away and shove him so i just stand there . 

He leans away and i see Lewis standing behind him with his eyes bulged. He scowls and turns away . He starts to walk away , the bouquet of flowers in his hand thrown away .

"What the hell , Zack ?" i shriek and runs after Lewis.

This is not good.

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