365 Letters

This is a story about how i lose my Bff, they are tow twins, grate boys, i really miss them, and i hope you like the new story and way to see how one person fells when she lose someone she realy love.


7. The X Factor Surprise

I go with my brother to the livingroom watch the X factor, and in that moment i see One Direction, and i fall in love for that  boys.

Me: Who are they?? They're amazing.

Brother: One Direction, a boysband.

Me: Gosh i love their voices.

Brother: They could be your heros, some of their story is equal to your.

Me: Where is the computer?

Brother: What you gonna do?

Me: DaaaHHH, Know the story and become a Huge fan.

Brother: Ok, dont forget patrick and the boys came tonight.

Me: I wont forget.

I run to the computer and i search everything about One Direction, I now all the story, i become a huge fan. I watch to every episode fom the x factor, i cry when they stay in 3 place, but i'm proud of my 5 heros, they give me a new life

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