365 Letters

This is a story about how i lose my Bff, they are tow twins, grate boys, i really miss them, and i hope you like the new story and way to see how one person fells when she lose someone she realy love.


2. Summer

It was the summer of 2010 and i go to my father house because my cousin Patrick came to Portugal to see me and he bring his 2 cousins.

At the beggining i don't like them because one ( Josh) think he was better than the others and the other (Louis) was so cute to me.

I decide to go for a walk in a park and i found my couisin there.

Patrick: Hi J( i'll use J for my name)

Me: Hey, what are you doing here?

Patrick: Nothing i'm just tierd, and i came here to think.

Me: Yes i came here to think too, when i'm sad. Patrick i know you since we born don't try to lie to me what really happen?

Patrick: I use drugs a time ago and now i dont know why i want to use them again.

Me: Whaat? You do WHAT? Don't think you gonna do that again, i don't let you, i'm your cousin and i have to protect you.

Partick: Ok your right but what i gonna do??

Me: Lets camp in my father garden with Louis and Josh.

Patrick: OOOOHHH, someone fall in love.

Me: Yes a long time ago for a cat.

Patrick: Ok, lets do that.

We camp in my father's garden and i start to know better Louis, he was so cute and sweet.

Louis: J, i'm sorry.

Me: Sorry for what?

Louis: I don't know you and me and my brother, we are a little mean to you.

Me: Oh Lou, never mind, we could be friends.

Josh: Maybe more than that.

Me: shut up, i'm speaking with  your brother bad boy.

Louis: He likes you, thats why he treat's you bad.

Me: But i don't ike the way he treat's me i prefer your way.

The summer pass and I become Josh and Louis BFF, they have to go to Irland and my cousin Patrick to London, i just will see them on Xmas.

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