365 Letters

This is a story about how i lose my Bff, they are tow twins, grate boys, i really miss them, and i hope you like the new story and way to see how one person fells when she lose someone she realy love.


8. she fall a sleep

I see all the One direction story and next i go to my brother's room and i start to paint, i fall sleep and Louis and Josh came to my father's house and start to looking at me.

Louis: Josh you find her?

Josh: No, Patrick you?

Patrick: Yes, she's in her brother's room she fall a sleep.

Louis: Let's see her.

They came to my brother's room.

JOSH. She's so cute.

Louis: Yes but let her sleep.

I have a worst nightmaare ever, e saw everyone i know trying to kill me, i sceam for help but none came, i screm again and again and Louis run at me.

Louis: J, wake up, wake up.

Me: Louis!!- i hug him and i don't let him go.

Louis: Keep calm baby, i'm here, ill be here with you forever, you just have a nightmare, everything's ok.

Me: Where there is love i'll be there, you promisse?

Louis: I promiss.

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