365 Letters

This is a story about how i lose my Bff, they are tow twins, grate boys, i really miss them, and i hope you like the new story and way to see how one person fells when she lose someone she realy love.


9. nightmare

I fall at sleep aain and my brother decide to tell everything about i try to kill myself to the boys. Louis and Josh understand why i want to die but Patrick almost kill me when i wake up, he says i have a great life when i'm with him and the boys and i can't let him here alone, i'm he's conscience and the only one who can understand him.

The next day i decide stay alone for a wile just to think about everything, i go to a park close to my father's house, and i saw Patrick there, he was smoking and i go to speak with him.

Me: WTF are you doing?

Patrick: smoking to forget the problems and don't juge me because Louis and Josh do the same.

Me: So you don't let me smoke last year but you can. Fuck you really.

Patrick: You're a girl and you don't have courage to do some things, i'm sure if i give you a cigar you can finish to smoke him.

Me: Lets d it, i'm sure i can.

Poor Patrick he lost, i become a smoker, worst than him and the boys.

2 weeks later we decide to go to the rver all together and i was alone with louis smoking and a lady passs for us and say " So young and using drugs, my good if you're my sons you will see", the lady go away and Louis stop and look at me, he realize i was a little sad with what that lady say.

Louis: You're my girlfriend again??

Me: If you want.

Louis: Stop to smoke...

Me: Why i can forget my problems, and you smoke, your brtother smoke, my cousin smoke...

Louis: Lets stop all, i'm tierd to listen that mean things, this don't afect us and your cousin doesnt care he' from Brandford a Bad Boy, but you babe, you take all tis to your heart.

Me: I stop with 1 condition.

Louis: What you want.??

Me: first i  want yoy and kis me because i'm tierd to wait for you to do that. I love you ok.

Louis: I love you too monkey.

He kiss me so slowly, my movie kiss, i really like it, but we jut say for the kisses, he want to go far way but we are to young.

Patrick: Hey Loui, keep calm with my SPARKLES ok. ( sparkles is my nickname for Patrick because in portuguese it means estalinhos and my cousin says i'm a little sparkles)

Me: Sparkles!!! You don't call me that since my 8 years.

Patrick: Sparkles, sparkles, sparkles, i love you sparkles.

Me: I love you too.

Josh: Yeeey !!! You are all in love so let me stay here alone and go do that to other place.

Josh go to the other side of the river and i relly want to know what happen.

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