365 Letters

This is a story about how i lose my Bff, they are tow twins, grate boys, i really miss them, and i hope you like the new story and way to see how one person fells when she lose someone she realy love.


17. hello hi goodbye


Dear Josh and Louis                                                                                    8 February 2013


Hello, i'm depressed, today i reember your death, i remember everything i sufer when you die, i remember all the moments we past together, i remember you are my true loves, i remember Pattrick, and when he lie to me because he don't want me to know he have cancer and he'll die, and when i discover, i was angry and sad, but i understand the reason.

You remember when i feel like i want to desapear, you meke me stop to think that, but in this moment i really want to desapear, go away for some time, clear my head, put my feelings in order, be ok with my self again, spend sometime alone, just with my notebook, my paints, my music and my heart.

I miss you so so much, it's like part of me die when you die, it like my really me desapear with you.

I'll tell you a secrt, i eep crying everyday alone in "dark" places, its for, i don't know what is for, i don't know why but its something that i need, it become a part of me, i cry everyday alone to wake up in the morning with  a smile.

I hope you take care of me, much love babes.

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