365 Letters

This is a story about how i lose my Bff, they are tow twins, grate boys, i really miss them, and i hope you like the new story and way to see how one person fells when she lose someone she realy love.


13. 1st Letter

I just start to writte my letters on 19 November so this is the first.

Dear Josh and Louis                                                             19 November

I know you're not here anymore, i just have one question why, why you go? why you let me here? I miss you loves, i miss everything about us, i miss the old times. I miss you.

My life isn't the same thing anymore, Josh you know what happen in the last days, i tell you, i don't know what i gonna do now. 

I see everyone realize my dreams, MY dreams, go to London, go to the 1D concert, do ALL THIS STUFS AND THE MOST PART OF THIS PERSONS ARE POSERS. 

Union J help me to not do something stupid, thanks for show me them Josh, Fix You, one of my favourite songs. Oh last night they sing I'll Be There, you rememberwhen you two sing the same song to me? to make me smile, oh, i really miss thar days, good times.

I know that you know that my letters are a mix of mixesso back for the inicial subject, why you die? I really prefer die in you place. Now i'll speak with who? Rain? Stones? Now i don't have anyone to hug me and say "Hello, hello pretty love you are so beautiful today...", who gonna make me smile? That boy i told you Josh, he give up on school. I have a mess in my head, lot of questions, lots of payne......Liam....., i can't do anything without be  afraid to apear someone to juge me, to say something bad, to hurt me, i'm not the same, i'm not that girl you met in the summer anymore, i can't smile for no reason, i can't cry, i can't sing or dance, i don't paint anymore, the only thing i love, we love, our paints, so amazing, now i just write some fics, i just write to try to fell better, just try because i lost my diary, i told you Josh, Louis, i told him what happen, i was the bad girl, i'm not the victim anymore, i was the bully, i was the bad one, and i don't have you here to help me to see me cry and cry with me to make me love, and smile again, to be the butterflu again to be the girl i was the girl you me in that summer,

I miss you, i love you, and i hate the fact that you die. Tomorow i'll make another letter, another and another, one for every day, 365 letters for my summer loves.

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