365 Letters

This is a story about how i lose my Bff, they are tow twins, grate boys, i really miss them, and i hope you like the new story and way to see how one person fells when she lose someone she realy love.


16. 16


Dear Josh and Louis                                                                                                     6 February 2013


Hey guys, sice my cousin Pattricks death i just want to writ and stay in my littlw world alone. I feel the same when i lost you, it hurts a lot and i don't know what do, when you die i have him to protect me and help me, now i have my friend André but's not the same, Pattrick is Pattrick, and André is far away from me, and i don't want to be anoying.

When lost someone and here comes the pain could it be worst? maybe,i don't know, the only thing i'm sure is live every day like my last, i'm trying to be happy and forget all the problems arround me.

I remember when you give me the nickname of troublemaker Josh, i don't couse troubles i just like to paint and show my art to the other persons, i like to sing but i hate when i that competition that tmf juge say " you have an amazing voice but you don't have the beauty to win", he pay you make him pay guys, good times, i miss them a lot but that's just me.

I don't know were you are but i hope you take care of me and you can say to Pattrick i miss him a lot and i'll learn how to play guittar for us, me , you and him.

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