Two Worlds

When a misunderstood girl finally meets the boy of her dreams, Liam Payne, things she didn't want found out are exposed. But as he gets closer to her, can she really trust him with her deepest, darkest secrets. (BTW, THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE PAYZER WAS BACK TOGETHER... THIS IS COMPLETELY FICTION, I LOVE DANIELLE & WARNING: MAY BE TRIGGERING)


5. Supermarket Dreams

Jade's P.O.V


I was swallowed by my nothingness. Meeting Liam was the worst thing that could've happened and yet the best. He made feel safe yet exposed, lively yet numb. My arms were filled with fresh cuts and my eyes were dark and hollow from sleepless nights of terror. It hadn't been this bad since that night, and since.. since he hit me. I shuddered at the thought. I had barely eaten, and my bones were slowly becoming weaker and weaker. All progress I had made in the last few months had diminished, and I knew I would try it again, But this time I would succeed...


I had locked myself in my room and stopped talking to everyone. My life had been put on hold.


I went to the store to buy a few necessities, my parents were both dead from a car accident and my aunt hated me, like everyone else I guess, so I basically lived alone. I casually drifted from aisle to aisle, grabbing things as I saw them. I made sure my sleeves and bracelets covered my wrists at all time, even though it was 35 degrees. I bumped into a friend but I wasn't interested in conversing. She squealed the usual "How are you?! I haven't seen you in forever. Are you coming back to school?! We all really miss you."I made interjections every two sentences, faking a smile. They didn't miss me, they despised me, and I despised them. It just worked like that. I muttered goodbye and walked away, suddenly keen to leave.


That's when I saw him, the boy that changed my life, I was unsure if it was good or bad, but he changed my life all right. I saw his beautiful chocolate brown eyes light up then dim as he saw my long sleeves. I stood there, unable to move, unable to breathe. It's like we were frozen in time, but then it all happened so quickly. He grabbed me, took the basket out my hands, kissed me passionately and dragged me out the store and into the parking lot.  

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