Two Worlds

When a misunderstood girl finally meets the boy of her dreams, Liam Payne, things she didn't want found out are exposed. But as he gets closer to her, can she really trust him with her deepest, darkest secrets. (BTW, THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE PAYZER WAS BACK TOGETHER... THIS IS COMPLETELY FICTION, I LOVE DANIELLE & WARNING: MAY BE TRIGGERING)


9. Shower

Jade's P.O.V


I quickly had a shower at the hotel as I was in desperate need of one. I do a lot of my thinking in the shower. I undressed and turned the tap on.  I stepped in and instantly felt the steaming water making contact with my skin, giving me the shivers. I thought about Liam, and what was going to happen with us. I barely knew him and yet I felt so safe. The boiling hot water felt good against my neck as I closed my eyes. But it would never feel as good as.. a blade. Stop, I thought, Don't think about that. With that I stepped out of the shower and looked myself in the mirror. I was disgusted with what I saw. Cuts and gashes covered a third of my body. 

"My eyes," I whispered to myself, "Are dull."

"My hair does not shine."

"I'm fat."

"My lips are weird."

After my little hate fest I went to the bathroom door and opened it slowly, making sure there was no one was looking. Liam was facing the opposite direction, standing awkwardly, and the others had left.

"Jade?" He questioned.

"Yeah." I said.

"Um, there's some clothes on the bed, they are Eleanor's, she said you could have them." He said.

"Ok." I whispered.

I quickly got dressed and put the towel back in the bathroom.

"Jade." Liam said unexpectedly, turning around.

"Yeah?" I questioned, curious.

"I heard you talking to yourself." He said softly, almost like a whisper.

"Oh." I said, looking down, tears forming in my eyes. How could I be so stupid, he's going to think I'm pathetic.

He lifted my chin and smiled.

"Your eyes are the colour of the sea after a storm, beautiful,"  He said wiping my tears, "Your hair shines like the sun on a hot summers day, Your body is beautiful, and your lips..." He trailed off and gave a kiss so light it was almost like air, "Are perfect." He finished. He looked down and pulled up my sleeve, exposing my scar-filled arm. I gasped, trying to pull away. He gripped my wrist and did something unexpected, he kissed my cuts, looked up at me and whispered, "I love you."


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