Two Worlds

When a misunderstood girl finally meets the boy of her dreams, Liam Payne, things she didn't want found out are exposed. But as he gets closer to her, can she really trust him with her deepest, darkest secrets. (BTW, THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE PAYZER WAS BACK TOGETHER... THIS IS COMPLETELY FICTION, I LOVE DANIELLE & WARNING: MAY BE TRIGGERING)


6. An Emotional Reunion

Liam's P.O.V


I went to the store to get some food for Niall before we left for Melbourne. That Niall, always hungry, I thought to myself. I wandered aimlessly around to store, trying to find something for Niall, and failing horribly. The supermarkets in Australia were so different to back home. I suddenly felt very homesick. I couldn't stop thinking about Jade. How was she? I don't think I can leave without knowing, without seeing her. I only know her first name and yet I need to spend every waking moment beside her, helping her. 


That's when I saw her. Beautiful. She looked really skinny with makeup caked on her face to hide her dark circles and bruises. Her hair was long and tangled behind her back. She looked like she could be snapped in half, and yet she still took my breath away. Without thinking I ran up to her and kissed her.What have I done, I thought, before actually realising I was kissing her. Her soft pink lips crushed onto mine. I felt people staring but I didn't care. I broke the kiss and took her outside, wanting to talk to her before she ran away. Again.


"What were you thinking!" She exclaimed.

"I d-don't know, I'm sorry."  I stuttered.

"You should be." She muttered, her lips in a tight line but her eyes giving her away.

"How are you, Jade.. and don't say you're fine because we both know that's a lie." I said sadly, I could tell she was in pain.

Tears welled up in her eyes before she buried her head into my shoulder. "Not good, Liam. Not good." She managed to say between sobs. 


I picked her up, she was so light it wasn't funny, and placed her in my car. She fell asleep on the way to my hotel, obviously exhausted. A silent tear escaped my eye as I replayed her voice in my head. "Not good, Liam. Not good." I never want to hear her say that again.

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