Two Worlds

When a misunderstood girl finally meets the boy of her dreams, Liam Payne, things she didn't want found out are exposed. But as he gets closer to her, can she really trust him with her deepest, darkest secrets. (BTW, THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE PAYZER WAS BACK TOGETHER... THIS IS COMPLETELY FICTION, I LOVE DANIELLE & WARNING: MAY BE TRIGGERING)


2. Alleyway Conversations

They all stared at me in shock. The whole of One Direction and about 20 fans. Great. Even security stopped to see. I pulled my sleeve down to hide the memories and ran away. I ran. And I kept running until I couldn't breathe, Tears running freely down my face. But I sensed someone was following me. Was it a security guard or policemen? I hadn't done anything wrong. Finally I found an alley and sat down behind the rubbish bins. I sat there and sobbed. People knew what is was, there was no escape. I rocked myself back and forth, hoping to make the pain go away. All of it. Forever.


I saw a figure emerge, and was ready to run away. What if I got raped or murdered? I didn't mind the last one because I was going to do it anyway. Liam walked up to me, a little breathless and held out his hand. I reluctantly took it and got up. I whispered goodbye and tried to walk away. He grabbed my shoulder, I tried to pull away but he was too strong. Then he spoke.


"Are you ok?" He asked, concerned.

"I'm fine." I answered, though we both knew that was a lie.

"Before you go, can I at least have a name." He pleaded, he sounded like he was crying too.

"Jade." I whispered. 

And with that I ran out of the alley, actually grateful that I would never see Liam Payne again.

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