Summer Love

Hey this is my first Movella. I hope you like it!

Everything was perfect.Or at least that's how she made it seem. Abby was dating the captian of the football (American football) team. She had caught him cheating on her a few times before this, but she was alone, so she pretended she didn't see anything.. One day Abby and Sarah were walking in the park. They found Tommy making out with some random slut on a park bench.


8. Wow

I got up and walked to the side of the building and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and just when I was about to walk off the building someone shouted my name.

"Abby. Please tell me you weren't about to walk off the building."

I hadn't noticed the cold salty tears that were streaming freely down my cheeks until then.

I wasn't thinking about anything but ending everything.

At that moment when I realized one person in this world cared and knew me well enough to be able to find me when no one else did, I couldn't end it.

Because then I'll hurt that one person more than I already have.

Because he cares.

My big brother cares.

Louis William Tomlinson cares.

I looked at him. Tears spilling out of his eyes just like mine. And I realized he loves me as much as I love him. I ran to him. Jumping into his open arms and buried my face in his neck sobbing loudly.

I held on to him for dear life.

Like if I let go he'd be gone.

He stood there holding me as tightly as he could rubbing soothing circles on my back. His face buried in my hair trying to control his sobs unlike me, I sounded like a dolphin was being fucked by a whale.  

(A/N: Lol. I can't do serious shit without adding something to make you smile while you cry. :) ANYWHORE back to the storehhh)

After about 20 minutes of straight sobbing I calmed myself down. I pulled away from him, only enough so that I could look into his eyes. The blue-green eyes that were once so full of happiness and life but were a blue-grey color that held so many emotions. But not happy ones. They held things like sadness, guilt, horror, sympathy and a small bit of love.

"Lou. I think I need help." I said sniffling.

"Look. If you don't want to go to a mental hospital we could get someone to stay with you at the hotel while the boys and I are here and then at your house when we're gone or something. We'll figure it out."

"No. I think it'd be best if I went to Shady Woods for treatment. I don't want to go but I need to get better and I can't do that if I'm not there to get full treatment. It's gonna suck and I can only have one visitor Monday-Friday and then Saturday I can have 3 and Sunday there's no limit. I won't have my phone or Internet so I have no way to talk to anyone except my visitors and the doctors. But I need to do this. So I can stop hurting everyone around me and myself." I took a deep breath and closed my eyes running my fingers through my tangled hair.

"Alright, love. You do what you need to do. The boys and I will support you one hundred percent and we will help in any way we can." He gave me a small smile and pulled me in for a hug.

"Tanks Lou. I love you."

"I love you too hun."

We walked down the small ladder and got into Louis' car.

"Hey. How'd you know where to find me?"

"Well. Sarah told me that you come here sometimes to clear your head and get your mind off things."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. That and you've got 'Find my phone' on your iPhone so I kinda tracked you and such." He laughed.

"Well paint me brown and call me a meatball. Louis Tomilnson stalked me!" I still can't believe I kept a straight face after I said that. Louis burst out laughing.

"Did... You.... Just.. Say... 'Well... Paint... Me.. Brown.... And... Call.. Me... A.. Meat... Ball...'?!" He said between his laughter.

"Why yes. Yes I did." I somehow managed to keep a straight face.

He laughed and shook his head. I had no idea where he was taking us but I didn't ask either, because it didnt really matter. Either way I was ending up in a mantal hospital.

About twenty minutes later we were in the parking lot of the boys' hotel.

"Oh. Okay." I said surpressing a smile.

"If you'd like we can go to your house and pack your things but I kinda figured you'd rather not do that right now. Ya know, considering what just happened and everything."

"Well. You'd be correct. I'd much rather be here with you and the boys than home packing my shit. Cause I really hate packing." I chuckled.

Louis smiles and got out of the car. I followed suit, opening the passenger door and getting out, meeting him at the front end of his rental car. Neither of us spoke, we just walked inside the hotel. When we were finally alone in the elevator I asked the question that was killing me.

"Lou? Is Larry real? Not like the 'bromance' but as a romance." he looked at me for a few seconds before giving a shy smile and blushing. That was all I needed to answer my question. I squeeled and jumped up and down.

"I knew it! I knew El was just a beard! I mean she's gorgeous and I did stick up for her when people hated on her but I knew it was all for publicity and shit. But I could see in the pictures that you were smiling but your eyes looked dull and sad. I know you better and I could see that you weren't genuinely happy with her! But when you're with Harry it's just like old times. I just wish Modest! wasn't run by a bunch of heartless nubs so you too could come out and-"

"Abby, breathe." He chuckled.

"But yes, Harry and I are in a relationship. We try to make little hints about it in interviews and Liam does too but we have to be suddle about it because if we just bluntly say it Modest! will have our asses."

I did a little happy dance in the elevator. When the doors opened I skipped down the hallway to the boys' room, smiling the whole way. I knocked on the door and Harry opened it moments later. I tackled him to the floor.

"I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!" I screamed with a huge smile on my face.

"Nice to see you too Abby." Harry laughed. He stood up and then helped me up. "So what did you know?"


"FUCK!! I can't Tweet about this either or Modest! will like delete my twitter. DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH THIS SUCKS. I CAN'T EVEN TELL THE EL SHIPPERS THAT THEIR WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A FUCKING LIE. GAHHH. FUCK MODEST." I heard people laughing behind me.

"NIALLLLLLL!" I screamed jumping on him.

"Hey Abby." He laughed.

"Ew. Who is this ugleh betch Niall?" A brunette spoke from behind Niall. "And I'd appreciate it if her nastay hands weren't all over ma boyfriend." She scoffed.



Okay, I know I spelt ugly and nasty wrong. I did that on purpose.


Now, I bet you're wondering who this brunette bitch is?



youre gonna have to wait till the next update to find out!

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