Summer Love

Hey this is my first Movella. I hope you like it!

Everything was perfect.Or at least that's how she made it seem. Abby was dating the captian of the football (American football) team. She had caught him cheating on her a few times before this, but she was alone, so she pretended she didn't see anything.. One day Abby and Sarah were walking in the park. They found Tommy making out with some random slut on a park bench.


2. What Do You Want?

Niall’s P.O.V.

She looked so adorable when she was sleeping. I just wanted to stay like that forever, but of course all good things come to an end. My phone started ringing; it was Liam.

“Niall, mate, where are you?” he questioned.

“At the park.” I said, trying to be quite as I didn’t want to wake Abby.

“Why are you whispering?” he asked.

“Long story. I’ll tell you later. Can you come pick me up? I said, not wanting to get into detail at the moment.

“Uhh yeah sure.” he said, still very confused.

I woke Abby.

“Abby, love, do you want to stay at the hotel with the boys and I?”

“Yeah sure.” she said still half asleep.

Mentally I screamed ‘YES!’ but physically I just sat there with a smile on my face. Liam arrived about 10 minutes later.

“Abby! How are you?” Liam asked with a confused smile plastered on his face.

“Ehh Hanging in there. How are you?” with her genuine smile, that made my knees go weak.

“Good. Now lets get back to the hotel and get some sleep.” Liam said. Abby tapped my shoulder.

“Niall?” she asked

“Yes love?” I asked.

“Where am I going to sleep?” she asked while biting her lip.

“Erm.. Where do you want to sleep?” I asked nervously.

“Well…. Would you mind in I slept in your room with you?” she asked with a nervous smile. 

“Yes! That will be fine!” I said happy that she actually WANTED to sleep in my room.

“Thanks.” she said with a shy smile. I could see her adorable dimples in the moon light. I never told anyone this, but I have had a crush on Abby sense we met at the meet and greet. It crushed me when she told me abut her cuts. Ten minutes later we arrived at the hotel.

“Abby, love, we’ve arrived at the hotel.” I said softly.

“Ugh. I’m so tired. I don’t wanna move! Can I just sleep in the car?” she said sleepily.

“Erm, sure but then I’ll be all alone in my bed.” I said jokingly.

“NO! That wont be acceptable. Little Nialler can’t be alone!” she said, immediately getting out of the car. I chuckled and smiled. We walked into Liam’s hotel room to find the boys watching a movie and arguing about something irrelevant to the movie, or anything else that was happening. Shocking. I cleared my throat to get their attention. They stopped talking and looked at me. Then they saw Abby.

“ABBY!!” they all yelled in unison. They all got off the couches and group hugged Abby.

“Hey guys.” she said groggily.

“How are you love?” Louis asked.

“Pretty good. How about you? Are you boys being good for Liam?” she asked sweetly.

“Yeah we’ve been good. What brings you here?” Louis asked.

“Well… erm…. My boyfriend…… my boyfriend and I got in a fight.. and… well Niall found me at the park, and well, here I am.” she said putting on a fake smile and attempting to hold back the tears that were forming in her eyes. Louis got the hint that it was time to change the subject.

“Well! Would you like to join movie night?” he asked quickly.

“No thanks. I’m really tired. But thank you! I’ll have to join y’all another time!” she said with her sweet genuine smile.

“Alright. Well where are you staying tonight?” he asked.

“In Niall’s room actually.” She smiled and started blushing. I broke the awkward silence.

“Well Miss. Rhimes, shall we go?”

“We shall Mr. Horan!” she said with a goofy smile.

“Goodnight boys!” we said in unison, causing Abby to blush again. We walked into my room. I walked over to my suitcase and grabbed a pair of sweat pants.

“Crap.” Abby mumbled.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Niall. Calm down! I just don’t have pajamas.” she said.

“Oh! That’s no problem!” I said.

I dug through my suitcase and found some black sweatpants and my green ‘Free Hugs’ t-shirt and handed them to her.

"Thanks!" she said with a sweet smile before she left to go change. she came back with her hair in a messy bun, no makeup on, and my clothes on. She still looked beautiful.

"So. Where would you like to sleep love?" I asked.

"Well I don't really care. Where would you like me to sleep?" She asked.

"Well you could sleep in the bed. I can sleep on the pull-out couch." I said.

"No you and sleep in the bed. As long as there's room for me to join you." she said with a cheeky smile.

"Of course there's room for you!" I said laughing. we both climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep.

Abby's P.O.V.

Niall's clothes were so comfortable. So was his bed. I fell asleep instantly.

I woke up the next morning to my phone ringing.

"Hello?" I said groggily.

"Abby? Are you alright?" The voice asked.

"Uhh yeah. I guess. who is this?" I asked. my brain was extremely slow in the morning so I didn't recognize the voice.

"Umm its Tommy." he said. I really wish I would've hung up on him right then.

"What do you want?" I sneered attempting to be quiet so I didn't wake Niall.

"I want to apologize in person. I went to your house, Sarah's house, and the park but I didn't find you anywhere. Where are you?" He said. I herd a slight bit of concern coming from his vice but ignored it.

"At a hotel." I said vaguely. I softened my tone of voice.

"Which one? There's a million of them in Miami." she said with a slight chuckle.

"Umm... I'm not really sure. I was half asleep when we got here last night." I said. Honestly I didn't want to see him. I could've easily woken Niall and asked him but I didn't want him here.

"We? Who are you there with? Sarah?"

"A few friends." I answered.

"Who?" he pressed for info but I wasn't giving in.

"What does it matter? You didn't seem to care who I was or wasn't with last night when you had your tongue down some bitches throat." I practically yelled. Niall jumped up immediately.

"Would you just let me explain? he asked, attempting to calm down.

"Fine. Meet me at the park in an hour." I said through gritted teeth. I really didn't want to see him but I decided to at least give him the chance to explain.

"Everything alright?" Niall asked.

"Yeah I guess." I said with a sigh.

"Are you sure love?"


"No, not really." I said sighing.

"Why? What happened?" He asked. 

"Well. That was Tommy. He wants me to meet him at the park in an hour so he can "explain"." I said with a sigh.

"Oh. Are you going?"

 "Yeah. But could you come with me? I know if I go alone I'll let him talk me into forgiving him, and end up giving him another chance." I said with a sad smile.

"Absolutely!" he said with a smile.

"Well I'm gonna go show- shit." I said. "I have no clothes to change into. just dirty clothes from yesterday." I said. then I got this weird feeling that I needed to check the inside of my jacket sleeves for blood. Sure enough, there was blood all over the inside of my sleeves.

"Of course that would happen." I said

What? Niall asked tossing me some black sweats and his black and white mustache tee.

“Well my jacket has blood on the inside of the sleeves. I cant wear it but I don’t want Tommy to see the cuts. I don’t want him to know how much he actually broke me.” I said with a sigh.

“Here.” he said handing me a blue hoodie.

“Thanks Niall. I feel bad for using your clothes though.” I said

“It’s okay. You look adorable in my clothes” he said smiling.

“Thanks.” I said blushing. I checked the time on my phone. There was enough time for me and Niall to shower and call Sarah. I decided to call Sarah first.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hey Boo.” I said with a giggle.

“Hey babe. How are you?” she asked giggling.

“Well I’m good sorta.” I said.

“Why sorta? What’s up?”

“Well. Tommy just called me. He wants me to meet him at the park in an hour so he can explain.” I said.

“You want me to meet you there? I don’t want you to be alone with that asshole.” she said.

"Nahh. I'm good. I got someone that's coming and if you're there you won't stop screaming." I said with a giggle.

"Aww! Come on! Please?" She asked, like a child begging their mother for a cookie before dinner.

"Fine. But if you scream, AT ALL, you're going ome." I said sternly.

"DEAL!" she shouted.

"So. Who's the person?? she asked.

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me." I said

"Try me." she said. 


She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"And THAT is exactly why I don't want you to come." I said shaking my head.

"No way! You're kidding. Prove it." she said.

"You don't believe me?" I asked in mock hurt.

"Nope!" she said popping the 'P'

"Fine. FaceTime me." I said.

"Mkay!" she said.

"NIALL!!" I yelled.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Can you come here please?" I asked

"Yeah! One sec!" he said.

My phone started ringing. It was Sarah on FaceTime. I answered it.

"Hey." I said.

"So where is he?" she asked.

I handed the phone to Niall. I herd hyperventilating coming from the phone.

"Sarah! It's good to see you again!" Niall said, trying to calm her down.

"Hi!" She said. I grabbed the phone.

"Well there you go. We've got to go get ready now. Bye." I said. I ended the call before she could say anything. I looked at the time.

"Well looks like we have to leave, like now, so I'm going to go change." I said. I grabbed Niall's clothes and ran to the bathroom. I changed quickly and put my hair in a messy side braid. Niall and I both grabbed our phones and one of his snapbacks and left the hotel.


Ahhh. Sorry it's pretty much just a filler!! :( I will try to update soon. xx

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